K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 16

If you think you could get away with your evil deeds, think again because the universe definitely has its own way of making sinners pay.


I was cheering on Black (Song Seung-hun) when he planted punches on the shameless presidential candidate Kim Yeon-seok’s face. I was actually a bit disappointed when he stopped because I wanted him to give that evil old man some more beating. I want his face to be covered with blood until it’s already hard to determine who he is, but I wouldn’t want him to die yet because that would be an easy escape. I want him to spend all his remaining days suffering in a tiny cell for all the lives that he ruined and killed. I hope that all his victims will now be able to rest in peace.

I’m impressed with Black’s clever plan that led to Kim Yeon-seok and Captain Lee’s arrest, and I would like to congratulate his teammates for doing a job well done. Crazy Dog (Kim Won-hae) must be so proud. But they have to locate the tape and the wristwatch with a butterfly design to complete the evidence against the mastermind. We know that the wristwatch was taken by the middle fingerless minion who is now on the run, but the tape is still nowhere to be found.

It is now also revealed that Leo is Kim Yeon-seok’s son that is why he became the final target of the scarred mental hospital patient killer. I didn’t see this coming at all because all this time I really thought it was Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul) who is the bad guy. But it was proven to us that no matter how greedy he is and no matter how much he hates his father and his stepbrother Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun), he couldn’t kill them. But just like what I’ve said in my previous K-Drama Reaction, I still hate him because he killed poor Sip-gyeon. ūüė≠

Considering how much I hate Choi Min-chul’s character here in Black, it’s almost unbelievable that I’m very fond of his role as one of the Sun Restaurant’s assistant cooks in Oh My Ghostess. This only proves that Choi Min-chul is doing a very good job as a character actor, and I’m hoping to see more of him in dramaland in the future.

I also admire Kim Won-hae’s daebak portrayal as the bad tempered yet principled cop Crazy Dog here in Black that’s why I was so upset when his character was killed. He will forever hold a special spot in my fangirl heart because¬†his dual characters in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon also left a huge impact on me. Hats off!


Just when Black is all decided to leave the world of mortals after he thought the Mujin teenage prostitution case is over, he chanced upon clues leading to what could’ve been another shocking secret. He learned that the body thought to be Joon’s might actually be not his, leaving us with high hopes that Joon could still be alive. If that’s the case, then why didn’t he come forward all these years?

Only two episodes left but the revelations seem not to end!

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