K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 17

Black is Kim Joon. Yes, that’s right! The cold-hearted grim reaper’s mortal self is none other than Kang Ha-ram’s Joon oppa.


Black’s (Song Seung-hun) real identity as a mortal is finally revealed. He is Joon, the boy Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) had loved dearly since she was a little girl. Woah. Can I just say how amazed I am by all of these revelations? Writer-nim surely wants to give us all a very good show. Black’s story line is like a complicated roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs and swirls, but the ones on it will definitely not regret the crazy experience. At first, everything seems to make no sense, but as the story progresses, we see how each and every dot is connected to each other. *slow clap*

Now what I cannot believe is the revelation of who killed Joon. The culprit is neither the scarred mental hospital patient killer nor Kim Yeon-seok, but Han Moo-gang’s mother! Yes, that’s right again. Joon was killed by his own stepmother! Moo-gang’s omma saw Joon’s life-threatening gunshot wound in the head as an opportunity to save the life of her young son, who fainted due to his weak heart while fleeing from the scarred mental hospital patient killer. Instead of treating Joon, she operated on him to harvest his heart with the help of the doctor whom I first thought to be possessed by the runaway grim reaper but was eventually revealed to be possessed by a different one. They put Joon’s lifeless body in a car, pushed it off a cliff then replaced it with another dead boy’s body to conceal the murder. Joon probably couldn’t leave Moo-gang’s body because he still has an unfinished business to settle and that is to have his body rescued and reveal the crime committed by Moo-gang’s mother. I know it’s all because of mother’s love, but we can never ignore the fact that she killed an innocent boy. Even though she said that Joon would eventually die anyway due to the severity of his condition, I still believe that he could’ve survived especially that Ha-ram didn’t see any shadow lingering around him prior to the incident. I don’t know how Moo-gang’s mother will react once she learns that she didn’t only kill Joon but also Moo-gang whose life had to end while investigating his hyung’s death.

This whole thing must’ve been so shocking for the poor Joon. First, he discovered that he was killed by the woman whom he respected and treated like his own mother. Second, he learned that Moo-gang even tried to cover up his mother’s wrongdoing by throwing away the evidence and letting Leo, who knows the truth, die. It’s like being betrayed by his own family not only once but twice. Speaking of Leo, if he died months ago, then who is the one we are seeing? Does that mean that Leo is also possessed by a grim reaper? If yes, it’s impossible that it’s the runaway grim reaper because we all saw that loser roaming around the land of mortals in his original human face. Then who could it possibly be?

Another shocking revelation that I think will push Joon to the limit is the truth that it was Ha-ram who accidentally shot him. Too many revelations for a single episode, right!? Young Ha-ram shot the shadow latching onto her father because she thought that doing so would save him, but she ended up putting Joon’s life in peril without her even knowing. What will now happen to Ha-ram and Black after this? Will Joon be able to forgive Ha-ram or should I say, will Ha-ram be able to forgive herself once she learns that she almost killed Joon oppa?

Let’s all find out in the *cry cry* finale!

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