K-Drama Reaction: Black | Finale

Another grim reaper has found his happy ever after.


Though the ending felt a bit too good to be true, my heart still rejoices for Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) and Black (Song Seung-hun). How can I even question their happy ending when I’m fully aware of all the hardships and unfair treatment they’ve been through? They deserve it.

Even though Black did his best to prevent Ha-ram from knowing the truth that she’s the one who almost killed her beloved Joon oppa, she still managed to uncover it. And just like what I expected, she blamed herself for what happened and decided to end her life once and for all by jumping off the same cliff where Joon’s body was thrown away. But don’t worry, she gets reborn into an ordinary girl and is able to live a happy life as a firefighter until she became a halmoni, which is her ultimate dream. How did this happen? Well, Black made the greatest sacrifice for her by receiving the maximum punishment of the underworld to have his existence denied. In other words, no one will ever remember Joon as if he was never born, which is so cruel.


  • I’m assuming that the denial of Joon’s existence also had a domino effect on the events in Mujin like the building collapse, the teenage prostitution, the rape of Yoon Soo-wan (Lee El), and the murders.
  • I think it was never explained why Ha-ram didn’t see any shadow inside Moo-gang’s body when he was wearing a hospital gown and not black clothes. The same with the doctor who helped Moo-gang’s mother in harvesting Joon’s heart, and Leo. Both are possessed by grim reapers and not wearing black all the time so how come Ha-ram didn’t see shadows inside them from the beginning?
  • The tape Kim Yeon-seok has been looking for is over 20 years old and was buried in a time capsule for a long, long time. It’s amazing that it still works just fine.

  • For me, Joon is the most pitiful character in this drama because he died so unfairly at a very tender age of 13. The most devastating part of his death is when Moo-gang’s mother received a call saying a compatible donor for Moo-gang has been found right after she operated on Joon to harvest his heart.

  • I find Ha-ram and Leo’s granny scene funny, sorry. I’d appreciate it better if the production tapped veteran actors to play that part to make it more convincing.

  • Go Ara and Song Seung-hun look good together, but I never went gaga over their OTP.

  • Crazy Dog and Sip-gyeon are my favorite Black characters. I guess I’m truly a dog lover. LOL.
  • Black’s ending gave me a bit of Goblin feelz in the sense that both Black and Kim Shin waited for ages for the women they love. Kim Shin waited for the reincarnated Eun-tak, while Black waited for the reborn Ha-ram. Both women recognized their love right away even if they don’t have any memories of them anymore.


The resolution to the main conflict is nicely executed though I have several concerns about it. First, if Joon’s existence is denied, then how could he, who is still in Han Moo-gang’s body, appear in front of Ha-ram’s soul after she passed away? Second, did the denial of Joon’s existence also mean the dissipation of the Grim Reaper 444 who occupied the body of Ha-ram’s father? Because that’s the only explanation that I see to justify how the accident of Ha-ram’s parents got prevented when Black accepted the maximum punishment. Ahhh, but who cares about these now? The most important thing is Ha-ram and Black’s happiness, right?

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15 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Black | Finale

  1. Wow, what a show! 🙂
    I had similar questions, What happens to Black(Kin Joon) if he was wiped from existence, does it go to heaven perhaps? Is he back from heaven just to reap Kang Ha-ram?

    I hope Kang Ha-ram and Black can live happily in heaven.!

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  2. I think it was never explained why Ha-ram didn’t see any shadow inside Moo-gang’s body when he was wearing a hospital gown and not black clothes.

    Regarding that question, the reason why she did not see the shadow inside moo gang body is the light in the hospital room was off. remember in the last part there’s a scene that Ha Ram and Her boss lock in one place, and her boss ask her if she shadow in his body, and Ha Ra replied that no shadow, but her boss replies are like “you do not really see, you do not see the shadow in the dark” so she did not see the shadow inside moo gang body because the room is dark.

    the scene in the hospital room, you will notice that Ha Ram use her phone as a light because the light in moo gangs hospital room was off.

    PS. Sorry for my english hehe i’m trying my best to explain, I hope you get my point hehehe

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    1. Woah really? I didn’t notice that the light in Moo-gang’s hospital room was off. I think I should review that part. Thanks for pointing that out. 😊😊😊

      Concerning Ha-ram’s boss, there would really be no shadow inside his body because he’s still alive. The difference between the shadows that Ha-ram sees is that if it is following a human, it means that human will die soon. Now, if it is inside a human’s body, it means that person is already dead and a grim reaper is possessing his body. Remember the student who has a shadow inside his body? That’s when I realized the difference because Ha-ram said that was the first time she saw someone with a shadow inside his body. Then after that we saw Black confronting the grim reaper occupying that student’s body. I hope I made sense. 😁 So following that logic, it’s also weird, and I mentioned it somewhere in my K-Drama Reactions, that Ha-ram didn’t notice any shadow inside Leo and the shady male doctor when it’s revealed that they have long been dead and possessed by grim reapers.


      1. This probably would go unnotice but I’ll answer it anyway, reasons why Ha Ram were not able to see Black & Gil dong’s inside Moogang’s & Leo’s body, it’s because they’re her own shadow/grim reaper who were assigned for her death. Ha Ram’s said it way back before that she can’t see her own shadow (when her mom want to killed her, she saw her mom shadow, not herself)


  3. In the last episode, moo gang caught on the cctv jump off the cliff, but why no video caught when his mother throw him into the ocean?


    1. Well, I think it’s mainly because it happened 20 years before. So, in the modern age, they probably installed a CCTV camera when the technology was available rather than one that had to be put on tape before 1997/1997 (too much of a hassle/expensive just to monitor a cliff).

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    2. Because in their desperation to shovel in the romance between the leads, the writers lost the plot.

      The finale undermined the show’s own logic: Joon’s obliteration wouldn’t have affected Ha-Ram’s parents’ accident: he had nothing to do with it, so Ha-Ram would still have been born able to see the shadows. Ha-Ram’s Reaper father knew he’d be obliterated for taking a human life, despite it being to protect his wife and child; Black not only killed humans (not marvelous specimens, admittedly) but left his Reaper partner behind to watch over Ha-Ram and left a serial killer Reaper running loose — and apparently infallible, inflexible Heaven couldn’t have cared less.

      Turning Moo Gang into a murderer was simply pointless. Joon’s realizing that Ha-Ram is his OTL is as well, given the set-up of him responding to Yoon Su Wan, even when he doesn’t remember her. And to put it bluntly, a 6-year-old supposedly recognizing an OTL is simply too close to justifying pedophilia for comfort.

      Given the moment between the young Moo Gang and the young Ha-Ram and their jealousy of anyone Joon cared about, the audience might’ve thought it was cute to have them become romantically involved as adults. And I’d have bought a romance developing with Man-Su. But the insistence on Joon as Ha-Ram’s OTL when she hadn’t laid eyes on him since she was six and couldn’t tell the difference between him and his brother? That isn’t love, that’s obsession, and considering that she’d started to deal with her ‘gift’ and move back into the world, turning her back into a case of arrested development (“OMG! I killed my OTL! I have to kill myself!”) was too much of a reversal for me. And Joon ended no prize, either: handing Yoon Su Wan responsibility for his mother? Well, how convenient for him that she had a guilt complex about having been victimized.

      The last scene — both ‘Leo’ and Ha-Ram should have been replaced with older actors: pictures of them when young would have established their identities, if anyone was afraid the audience wouldn’t know who they were meant to be. The actors did the bet they could with what the writers gave them, but the hair and the faces were such a mismatch the scene was jarring.

      With all due respect to the ‘I don’t care as long as they get together’ section of the audience, the plot gaps in the finale were enough to retroactively ruin the show.


  4. I actually really enjoyed this show (I cried multiple times, especially at the death of Crazy Dog and Sip-gyeon). The plot twists actually managed to baffle me, and one way or another, everything seemed to link in.

    Of course, there were a few plot holes as you have mentioned (e.g. not being able to see the shadow inside of Leo) but I think they covered it really well and really went into the depth about the entire story. I also loved how it wasn’t focused entirely on romance, but I definitely loved the ending where they meet again (I was sobbing at this point).

    The staffs message at the end was also very thoughtful and beautiful, so props to the team.

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    1. This probably would go unnotice but I’ll answer it anyway, reasons why Ha Ram were not able to see Black & Gil dong’s inside Moogang’s & Leo’s body, it’s because they’re her own shadow/grim reaper who were assigned for her death. Ha Ram’s said it way back before that she can’t see her own shadow (when her mom want to killed her, she saw her mom shadow, not herself)


  5. I’m probably late but… listen. I’m so confused right now. Like same thoughts… but I HAVE MORE. I’M CRYING. So first of all. How come that Leo gave her the bracelet she made for Joon? I mean… I really don’t get it. And second, I really love the two of them being together at the end, that’s one of the things I wished to happen. But the thing I’m most confused about is who the fuck her husband was. I kinda really hoped it to be Man-so. I LOVE HIM, OK THANKS. I also love Leo, so I was confused but happy at the beginning they sat together because I thought they’d be married. Well, I mean her husband probably was someone who wasn’t introduced in the series but shouldn’t she meet her husband in heaven since she probably loved him? I’m so confused about the ending, I don’t know what to think lmao.


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