K-Drama Reaction: I’m Not a Robot | Episodes 5-6

We get to see two sides of Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) in this hour: his very own operation mode and friend mode.

Operation Mode vs Friend Mode

There was something wrong with Min-kyu’s condition from the beginning. His allergy to humans was a psychological state which (I presume) started when his parents died of that car crash 15 years ago. He developed this severe allergy mainly because of his own shock and depression.

But based from what happened in this hour, he never transformed into that “monster” that he calls himself whenever he touched Aji-3/Ji-a (Chae Soo-bin). It started when Aji-3/Ji-a held his hand from last week’s episode to more skinship moments in this one. I initially thought this was because it was Ji-a who touched him first, like it mattered who touched who… But seeing Min-kyu getting comfortable with his faux robot is what really makes the difference.

Seeing him struggle while talking to others who are not Aji-3 feels so sad, including his own first love Ye Ri-el (Hwang Seung-un). I want to hug this cute puppy, and tell him that it’s time to trust humans now.

Frenemy CEO Hwang Yoo-cheol (Kang Ki-young) is not your typical villain here, I sense. Sure he hates his childhood friend Min-kyu for still unknown reasons (but I can guess it’s because of insecurity), but he is still out of the loop. He was the last one who knew about Aji-3 or Sta. Maria team, while doing all the dirty work for his scheming father.

My favorite part of this hour was when Min-kyu realized the blessing in disguise brought by Aji-3 in accidentally hitting his castle of cards. Yes, he built the castle alone for 15 long years, but it only reminded him of his parents’ death. The moment the sunlight shone through that window where the castle was previously built, a peaceful feeling came rushing onto him. I hope this will be the start for him to accept new beginnings, and let other people’s light enter his heart.


Very witty writing with that Pretty hierarchy! 예뻐!

Who else here almost lost it when Min-kyu was having a hard time describing himself to Aji-3? My gosh, the scene was so simple but it felt so heavy!

Although everything seems absurd right now, I am ready to forgive all the lapses and accept the fact that the story is going all out in letting Min-kyu believe that indeed Aji-3 is a real robot. Not even the fact that Ji-a pooped inside Min-kyu’s house made him suspect her a bit. 😅

Young, hot Min-kyu got me really #HANGRY with his cooking skillz!

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