K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 11-12

What’s your K-Drama weakness? I know I’m not alone on this one, second leads. Dashing, dauntless, devil-may-care second lead oppas. I entered Two Cops confident that I’m for Cha Dong-tak all the way because Cho Jung-seok oppa is the answer to so many questions, but there’s something in Eps 11-12 that shook my loyalty.

The funny thing is it’s not even the charming Gong Soo-chang, I think I might be developing a soft spot for Prosecutor Tak Jae-hee, tsk tsk.

Good Guy-Bad Guy

Maybe one of the reasons that I got attracted to Jae-hee oppa (yes, he entered my oppa category now 🙈) in Two Cops Episodes 11-12 is my irritation towards Soo-chang. My annoyance did not subside despite his “efforts” to rescue Ji-an.

Jae-hee oppa, on the other hand, moved swiftly the moment he realized that Ji-an is in danger.

He immediately asked his staff to do all means to find Ji-an. The way he got mad when his assistant reminded him that he should be at court is just swoon worthy, haha. It shows how worried he is and proves that Ji-an’s safety is of higher importance to him than his job.

I should be fuming when he punched Dong-tak who risked his life to save Ji-an,  but it felt like he shoot arrows at me when he threw his fist.

This episode might support my theory that Jae-hee is not a bad guy, or maybe he’s only half-evil. I believe he won’t let anything bad happen to Ji-an and might actually help Dong-tak and Soo-chang along the way.

Even though I know it’s Dong-tak and Ji-an at the end of the line and I root for them, I can’t help but feel a bit hurt for Jae-hee. I don’t know if I want the K-Drama genies to further develop his love story for Ji-an or not but I think they will, ha!

Tales from the Two Cops

Episodes 11-12 revealed new information to us like how Soo-chang can get out of Dong-tak’s body when the latter bleeds. Also, it uncovers the truth on how young Dong-tak kept his promise to young Soo-chang to find the guy who framed his father.

Juvenile Dong-tak gave the recording of the real culprit’s confession to a detective, whom I presume is Ji-an’s dad, and it looks like we’re on the path of untangling their web of karma.

Ji-an is now starting to notice that there are two versions of the Charismatic Cop. I’m now wondering how she’ll react when she finds out the truth.

Tipsy Findings

Here’s the second part of Two Cops OST, Fall in Love by U Sung Eun.

❤ With Dong-tak and Soo-chang finding out the two cases they need to resolve, we are one step closer to unpuzzling fate’s homework.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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