Because This is My First Life | Series Review

We are all guilty of pretending we know it all. In high school, we scoff at freshmen who are excited about campus activities. In college, we shun juniors who dreaded their thesis proposals. And when we are already the sunbae at work, we roll our eyes to the enthusiasm of the newbies. All because we have experienced that part. That innocent moment has passed and we thought we are an experienced individual.

K-drama veterans are no different. We act like we can predict if the drama would be good based on promotional teasers and story-lines provided before the series actually start. The whole Ahjummamshies squad has boasted watching plenty of K-drams for years but Because This is My First Life made us feel like novices as it surprised all of us with its simple yet moving story.

As the Ahjummamshies team accepts that we really haven’t seen it all, let’s lookback to the journey of these characters we all fell in love with in 2017.

The Characters’ Stories

Because This is My First Life‘s story revolves around the stoic app developer, Nam Se-hee (Lee Min-ki), and homeless writer, Yoon Ji-ho (Jung So-min). The chemistry between Min-ki and So-min was surprisingly enthralling. Both of them brought justice to well-sketched characters. Se-hee’s lines could have been cliche if not for Min-ki’s delivery and the way he breathed life into the unorthodox K-drama male character. So-mi, on her part, did well with the equally unconventional female lead.

It is the usual cohabitation and fake relationship tropes but the execution of the story was captivating and even the subplots are well-written.

The hate-you-love-you story of strong independent woman Woo Su-ji (Esom) and CEO Ma Sang-goo (Park Byung-eun), as well as the story of struggling long-term couple Yang Ho-rang (Kim Ga-eun) and Sim Won-seok (Kim Min-seok), have resonated with the viewers through their relatable imperfections and woes.

From Su-ji and CEO Ma’s meet-cute to their lovers’ quarrel, they provided some funny relief especially when things were tough for the other couples. But they also have their riveting moments where even the strongest person would wish they can have their own sunshine-filled love-struck partner who would melt their ice-coated heart.

If the other two couples are all about the magic of falling in love, Ho-rang and Won-seok’s story tells what happen when that magic starts to fade away. They spent the entire series contemplating whether they should push through or raise the white flag in their already sinking relationship. Both of them failed to realize that “wedding” and “marriage” are two different things. The most bubbly among the three ladies cried the most in this series as she faces losing the person she spent the best time of her life with. Ho-rang and Won-seok’s story reminds us that ultimately, staying in love is a choice.

Whether it is among the main leads or it’s Bok-nam or Bomi-nim, those who watched this K-drama found some part of themselves reflected in these fictional characters’ stories.

The Soundtrack

The series’ beautiful stories and remarkable scenes were always accompanied by heart-rending music. Because This is My First Life‘s soundtrack could easily be someone’s real-life OST as the songs’ lyrics perfectly describe the ups and downs of falling in love, the difficult path towards your dreams, and your everyday worries for tomorrow.

Quotes That Hit Home

Because This is My First Life is filled with thought-provoking scenes that would make you ponder about your own perspective in life. The whole script is brilliantly written. If only we can put the entire writing here we will but we only can choose some parts that truly resonated with us.

Because there’s only one chance for @tipsyahjumma
When you want to be Goyangi in so many different ways…
When you feel like you failed life…
When following your dream gets hard…
Because @maknaeahjumma just wants to write…
Because we all have that inner need to be needed…
When you feel like you’re not learning anything in life…
Because maturity comes with a price…
Words that entered @unicaahjumma ‘s heart
Regardless of how it ended, it still has been the best time of your life…

Ahjummas’ Question: 

If you could live the life of one Because This is My First Life character, who is it and why?

Busy Ahjussi: This drama has a lot of relatable characters especially in terms of dealing with the harsh realities of adulthood, so I’d like to choose someone who’s different from me and that is Yeon Bok-nam aka the YOLO guy. I wish I could do the things that I want without worrying too much about the future. Some may call this millennial attitude an irresponsibility, but for me, it does reflect an ounce of bravery to live in the moment and delve into what makes you happy.

Grumpy Ahjumma: You know you successfully surpassed life’s hurdles when you only think of them as memories. Ever since Ko Jung-min‘s name appeared in that tiny book of poems inside Se-hee’s drawer, I never forgot her. She was the mystery behind Se-hee’s elusive wall – a painful past that was kept secret, buried deep inside his scarred heart. But when she entered all our lives, it was not what everyone expected her to be. She was a single yet successful production company CEO, a far representation of what she used to be, what we wanted her to be: the bitter ex. I know it’s a peculiar choice to be Jung-min in a world full of Ji-hos, but if ever given the chance to live anyone in that dramaverse, I would definitely be the one who was broken and lost but fought her way back. Just like Jung-min, I may have lived my young adult life in regrets, but I would make sure that my decisions would make me successful just in case I accidentally bumped into my ex in my wasted state… at least I was just a drunk CEO. 😉

Maknae Ahjumma: I would choose Yoon Ji-ho because I want to have the same optimism she has. She may be naive but she’s far from being stupid. She knows when to retreat and what battles to fight. Among the other equally lovable characters, hers is the closest to my heart. I cried buckets when she broke down in that tunnel and felt the exhaustion from the long road she chose. But that exhaustion didn’t really stop her on her journey. She may have taken some detours along the way but in the end, she chose what she knew she always wanted.

Tipsy Ahjumma: What’s the worst feeling a human being can feel? Loneliness? Fear? Regret? Many of us can relate to Because This is My First Life because it showed us that the most excruciating feeling in the world is hopelessness. It made us realize that we’re not alone in traveling the dark tunnel of despair that comes with adulthood. But going back to the question of who among the characters I want to be, I’d pick Sim Won-seok in a snap. I have a lot of whys and I want to understand his side of the coin. I want to take a peek inside his mind to figure out why he keeps marriage and love in two different boxes. Ho-rang is undoubtedly full of flaws but she does not deserve someone who returns, she deserves someone who stays. Essentially, I want to fathom why he doubted his feelings for her.

Unica Ahjumma: Among all BTIMFL characters, I can best relate to Woo Su-ji, an only child who gives high importance to her job because she needs it more than anything to support her mom. She’s even willing to turn a blind eye to the sexual advances of her male co-workers. But in the end, she was able to break free and find the courage to put her happiness first, and do the thing that she really loves. So if I’m gonna be given the chance to live the life of one BTIMFL character, I’d definitely choose her because it would be nice if I’d be able to duplicate her courageous feat.

Someone said the life is full of surprises. Because This is My First Life is that delightful surprise this year. A beautiful gift that has move a lot of people in tears. It has given a colorful view to the usual bleak reality of life.

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