Lee Da-hae to play dual roles in Good Witch

Looks like we’re on a roll of TV comebacks. Lee Da-hae will return to the drama world after four long years as she accepts the offer to top bill the upcoming SBS weekender Good Witch (literal title).

The drama’s plot is interesting as Lee Da-hae will play dual roles of twin sisters with opposing characteristics. The actress is set to portray both Cha Sun-hee, a lovely and generous housewife, and her twin sister, Cha Do-hee who is a flight attendant. Good Witch will follow Cha Sun-hee as she pretends to be her sibling due to a still untold reason.

Actor Bae Soo-bin has also been cast for the role of Bong Cheon-Dae, Cha Sun-hee’s unemployed husband, while Ryu Soo-young is set to play Song Woo-Jin, a pilot whom Cha Sun-hee will meet while posing as her twin.

Good Witch will be penned by Yoon Young-mi, who is behind Birth of a Beauty, and will be directed by Oh Se-gang whose works include Temptation of Wife. The upcoming SBS weekend drama will take the Saturday 20:45 slot of Bravo My Life next year.

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