Crazy for Sukie: 10 Times Lee Jong-suk Stole Our Hearts

From his charming eye smile to his oh-so-kissable lips, this oppa never fails to make our hearts flip. He makes us want to dream of him While We Were Sleeping, or live in Two Worlds where we’ll forever be cuddling.

Here’s the Top 10 Moments When Lee Jong-suk Stole Our Hearts!

1. When he made us realize that the thirst is real.

Someone get me a jug of water please, jebal?

2. When he made us jealous of a lamp post.

3.When his side profile made us forget all the bad things in the world.

4. When he made us want to be reborn as Suzy.

❤ Suzy, ya lucky gal!

5. When he made us cry with Dal-po.

❤ Lee Jong-suk oppa also made me tear up during a scene with Kim Won-hae in While You Were Sleeping.

6. When he made us melt with his bromance with Kim Woo-bin.

7. When he made us forget that smoking is bad for our health.

❤ Smoldering

8. When he made us want to change professions.

9. When he made us want to live in Two Worlds or be Han Hyo-joo.

Next goal: To be Han Hyo-joo.

10. When he made us understand why Strong Woman Do Bong-soon fell for him.

BONUS: When his meme-able face is still soooooo adorable.

❤ ❤ ❤ Oh, and just a little something before I end this post, kekeke.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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