K-Drama Reaction: I’m Not a Robot | Episodes 9-10

You know what’s worse than knowing your illness has no cure? It’s the dreading feeling of waiting for your own end with no one by your side. But that’s not the case anymore with Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) ever since Aji-3/Jia (Chae Soo-bin) entered his life.

The Cure

This hour was mainly focused on Min-kyu’s human allergy, and how he struggles and copes with it. I am puzzled as to how things will eventually work out for our main couple because of their apparent weakness in being observant. LOL. Jia never really noticed that Min-kyu is allergic to humans despite everything, and Min-kyu also never really paid attention to small details hinting that Jia is not a robot.

But at least we get some serious development in the cure of our puppy’s illness. After that failed marriage proposal with Ri-el (Hwang Seung-eon), he discovered that Aji-3 can somehow make him feel comfortable around humans. Doctor Oh (Um Hyo-sup) got it right when he explained that the friendship between Min-kyu and Aji-3 is the miracle that they have been waiting for so long. The bond that formed between them, even though he thinks that she is a robot, is a significant progress because it’s his first real relationship in 15 years.

Jealous EX

Baek-gyun (Uhm Ki-joon) is slowly turning into the green-eyed monster now that Min-kyu and Aji-3 are getting closer. As expected, he will be the wall that will block the main couple from getting all lovey dovey. I may get where he comes from, but I can’t forgive that he calls Min-kyu a “pervert” just because he is jealous of their closeness. Isn’t he the perv one for using his ex-girlfriend’s face in his android prototype project?

First date

Finally, our hero gets to see the outside world! Although it’s complicated, I really considered this episode as Min-kyu and Jia’s first “date” (somehow). He is so cute while low-key touching others! My gosh, only Yoo Seung-ho can make me tear up while he acting happy. The tears of joy are real, you guys!


I love this soundtrack so much I was smiling the entire time it played!

Can I just say Chae Soo-bin really looks like a doll in this drama? I never really find her pretty before, but Jia is just my character!

THIS is the umbrella scene that I love!

<img class=" aligncenter" style="max-width: 100%;" src="https://grumpyahjumma

.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/robot-9-10-1.png” />

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