K-Drama Reaction: I’m Not a Robot | Episodes 11-12

Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) learns how to open up to others, and it’s not going to be an easy road. We see him struggle in convincing the Sta. Maria team to stay, and let him be with Aji-3/Jia (Chae Soo-bin). Although they were all a bit stiff at first, and Min-kyu initially appeared to be an arrogant pervert, everything eventually went well after Min-kyu started to let them in his heart.

I liked how Pi (Park Se-wan) mentioned that you can’t earn other people’s trust if you don’t trust them too. We all know the betrayal that was carved inside Min-kyu’s heart, and we can’t blame him for being cold because of that. But the moment he told the truth about his allergic reaction to Baek-gyun (Uhm Ki-joon), he realized that earning the trust of others must really come from yourself first. This is my favorite side of Min-kyu – his willingness to reach out no matter how much he struggles.

Master of kissing

Hahaha! That’s the best I can think of while watching Sun-hye (Lee Min-ji) making her grand entrance at the Sta. Maria laboratory. I loved her as Jang Mi-ok in Reply 1988, and I could not forget her ever since. She graced Min-kyu’s residence as the “Master of Dating and Kissing.” LOL! She teaches our hero the do’s and don’ts of dating, (I took notes!) and demonstrated the meaning of sexual tension leading up to that first kiss.

First kiss

Min-kyu spent the entire Episode 12 learning the proper timing to kiss Ri-el (Hwang Seung-un) during their date. But of course, things don’t always go as expected, and the personality differences between them were so evident that I couldn’t bear the awkwardness anymore. Thank goodness, Ri-el left earlier than expected, and Min-kyu and Jia got their sweet moment.

Pi likes Baek-gyun

I don’t get why Pi is so itchy to leave Min-kyu’s home at first, but now I’m sure it’s because she has feelings for Baek-gyun! She is cold towards Jia, and protects Baek-gyun’s image above all else.


Laughing out loud at the two goons trailing Aji-3! He was the first person outside of Sta. Maria team to correctly guess that Aji-3 is not a robot. Hilarious!

Adorable Yoo Seung-ho is adorable!!!!

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