2017 Favorites: Tipsy Musings – Adventures of a K-Drama Drunkard

Have you ever had your heart broken?

I used to take heartbreak easily and thought that it’s all similes and metaphors. I used to think that it’s crying yourself to sleep at night and waking up feeling okay the next morning. I thought it’s getting angry at the other person and immediately going back to your normal life. But I was wrong, I was definitely wrong. It’s endless nights of silent tears and painful mornings of having no reason to get up. It’s wearing a smile and putting up a brave face in front of everyone while feeling defeated and helpless inside. It’s  being burdened by your own existence and becoming an empty shell of a person.

Pretty tragic, isn’t it? Good thing we have K-Dramas to save the day. Here are the three K-Dramas that held my hand and sing me lullabies as I pick up my broken pieces and redeem my fearless self.

3. The Best Hit: 🍺🍺🍺

The best hit funny hit the top

This underrated drama tells the story of a 90’s idol who was transported to the present time only to find out how his poor decisions affected the lives of the people around him. I stumbled upon this series because of my loyalty to Cha Tae-hyun, my first love oppa who introduced me to the splendid K-World with My Sassy Girl.

The best hit mascot

The Best Hit is the type of series that makes you want to watch the next episode as soon as you finish one. The beauty of this time-slip drama comes from its lightheartedness and the simplicity of how the story is told. It’ll make you laugh but will also give you things to ponder upon.

Tipsy’s Drunkdreaming Scene & Fave Line: Episodes 29-30

The raw and genuine scene of haraboji letting go of his pain and guilt over his late daughter.

The best hit memorable line

🍻Ultimately, I love this drama because it reminds me that like Yoo Hyun-jae, I am my own hero.

2. Go Back Couple: 🍺🍺🍺🍺

Go back couple poster go back spouses teaser

Dramas that play with the element of time always interest me so I started watching Go Back Couple. This show did not disappoint as it has the perfect combination of comedic and heart-tugging scenes. It gives off the same feeling as Reply 1988 and depicts the beauty of friendship and family ties.

Go back couple jang nara fashion friends

Go Back Couple tells the story of a recently divorced pair who traveled back to the time they first met. Jang Na-ra and Son Ho-jun perfectly portrayed the roles of a husband and a wife who faced the harsh realities of married life.

Tipsy’s Drunkdreaming Scene: Episode 12 (Finale)

The silent yet poignant display of omma’s love as she embraces her crying daughter to sleep.

Go back couple mom ma jin joo cry

Fave Line:  Episode 7

Go back couple memorable line

🍻From Go Eun-suk to Ma Jin-joo, and from Ma Jin-joo to her son, Go Back Couple made me appreciate more a mother’s eternal and selfless love.

Go back couple jang ki yong kim nam gil

PS: Plus, it introduced me to this wonderful oppa!

1. Because This is My First Life: 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

This drama spoke to my soul. The honesty of the story and the sincerity of the characters released pent up emotions I’ve been keeping inside. And though it used the commonly used cohabitation and contract marriage tropes, the director was able to tell the story in a refreshing way. The genuineness of the series is like a warm hug telling us that we are not alone in this bleak tunnel of adulthood. Watching Because This is My First Life, with its remarkable lines, felt like I was reading a novel.

I applaud how the show did not tire the audience by focusing solely on Se-hee and Ji-ho’s love line, it also gave the spotlight to the supporting cast. Ho-rang made me wept a lot of times. I can’t forget the moment when she begged Won-seok to stay and the scene where she was silently shedding tears at work. It’s like a reflection of what I’ve been through.

And speaking of Ho-rang and Won-seok, the only thing I did not approve with the drama is how these two ended up together in the final episode. It felt like a forced happy ending. I would have appreciated it more if Ho-rang’s happy ending is not solely focused on relationship, like finding joy and strength in herself or rediscovering what she loves to do. And Just like what I said in our series review,  Ho-rang does not deserve someone who returns, she deserves someone who stays.

Drunkdreaming Scene: Episode 5

Ji-ho’s tearful reading of omma’s heartfelt letter during her wedding day.

Fave Line:  Episode 16

🍻We may have hearts that are bleeding and torn into pieces but just like Se-hee, someday, someone will be brave enough to open the door of our Room 19.

Because this is my first life kiss

Have a blessed 2018 my beloved K-Drama drunkards. Don’t just exist, live. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma




  1. I find BTIOFL got really okay after ep 8 with a bad ending. When I rewatch it, I feel that they are too pretentious and don’t know the real world, like people in the early 20s trying to know the world and pass it as the absolute truth so it makes me appreciate it less like 6.5 out of 10

    It’s easy to get into cause the heroine has nothing and pretty much need to fill her life with a surprisingly good coincidence without actually trying much.
    12 to make her start writing again for an 16 ep is too late, worang and hosneok is nonsensical, the ending is a cop way out that doesn’t reflect reality, also super selfish, jiho can’t be wrong in the drama too which is weird for a girl who somehow got an easy lease and love life.

    basically a drama that has no guts but not offending anyone cause they have misery that relatable for people

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good way to look at it. 😊 Maybe I need to rewatch BTIMFL. I think a lot appreciated the show because most of the viewers expected a light rom-com but it turned out to be a slice of life drama. And the characters were portrayed in a way that many can relate to. Personally, I like it because the director presented it in a manner that made me feel as if I’m reading a book.


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