K-Drama Reaction: I’m Not a Robot | Episodes 15-16

When you love someone you can’t be with, you tend to do drastic measures to cope up and mend your aching heart. The extent of the decisions you make can either help you heal or tear you apart even more. And as our hero is currently experiencing this for the first time, he is obviously having a hard time dealing with his own misery. The realization that he started to like a robot hits him hard, and the lie that now evolved into a serious case is digging a wormhole into his once wounded heart.

Sta. Maria scam

Since the start of the series, it was clear that Baek-gyun (Uhm Ki-joon) and his Sta. Maria team deceived Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) into thinking that the human-like robot Aji-3 was Jia (Chae Soo-bin). Since Aji-3 encountered an unexpected problem, Jia filled in for the robot during a trial period to lure Min-kyu into investing on Sta. Maria, and prevent the research team from being sold off to other investors.

But because geniuses were often portrayed to have high IQ but with low EQ, the research team did not anticipate that things would get complicated once human feelings got mixed into the equation. Min-kyu and Jia became friends (although unconsciously) and probably now liked each other mutually. Not to mention the other complicating factors like Baek-gyun as the ex-boyfriend and Min-kyu’s allergy to humans.

So to answer the main problem… is this a scam? Obviously, it is. They tricked Min-kyu into believing that Jia is a robot. BUT they did it without the wrongful intention of hurting Min-kyu’s feelings. They lacked foresight, and just like their own robot, compassion for others.

Baek-gyun’s closure

I loved how Pi (Park Se-wan) was the main trigger for Baek-gyun to finally realize what was his fault when he and Jia broke up. Pi explained to him in the most scientific way possible what went wrong in the relationship. Although others may find it intimidating, Pi’s intricate way of explaining the past was the reason why Baek-gyun understood it perfectly.

Love Guru Sun-hye

I wanted to hug Min-kyu when he visited Sun-hye (Lee Min-ji) at the coffee shop just to ask for advice. You see, he never really had a real friend, and the closest thing to a friend is Sun-hye – his kissing teacher. But everything Sun-hye told him is on point! Actually, Sun-hye really is this show’s connecting link between the scientific and the romance. She even tickled my soft spot for comparing making coffee to dating!


From one heartbreak to another, Min-kyu struggles yet again from another betrayal. He discovered that Ri-el was not the one who sent him the birthday cards every year! Ugh! He was able to survive all these years because of that!!!!

I am really digging the love triangle of Ssanip, Hoktal, and Sun-hye!

LOL Jia’s niece Jo Dong-hyun (Lee Han-seo) is still my favorite child actress! She jives perfectly with Sun-hye, or actually with everyone in whatever drama.

Happy New Year, ahjummas!!!!

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