2017 Favorites: Unconditional Love

This may be tragically funny to hear, but Korean dramas have managed to fill a void in my life which was created by having no romantic partner for a long time. The romantic stories let me experience the heart-fluttering moments you’d get during your first date, your first holding hands and your first kiss as well as the pain of losing someone you loved so dearly and learning how to let go. But as I grow older, there’s another type of love that resonates with me more when watching dramas, and that’s the love only our parents can give us—unconditional love.

So with my year-end favorites, I’d like to pay tribute to the dramas that showed some of the most touching parent-child scenes this year.

Fight My Way

There’s no other time when our parents’ love was more profound than during the lowest points of our lives. While we cried our hearts out to our friends, our parents silently looked from afar filled with worries about what’s tearing us inside. They snuck into our room in the dark after we’ve wept ourselves to sleep, hoping and praying that everything’s alright. When everyone has given up on us, our parents would come rushing to our side to offer strength and comfort, making us all feel that as long as we have them, we’ll never be alone. That’s the kind of love Seol-hee’s mother showed us in one of the most memorable episodes of Fight My Way.

In the said scene, Mom saw Seol-hee working like a slave at the birthday party of her boyfriend Joo-man’s nephew in order to please his family–a picture which is so heartbreaking for a parent who wants nothing but the best for her child. Infuriated, she stormed out of the place and vented out her anger calling Joo-man’s disgusting. On board a bus, she composed a text message to tell Joo-man to forget about marrying Seol-hee and not to show his face ever again, but she paused, erased her message, and composed another text which reads:

Because This Is My First Life

They say parents always end up losing to their children. They spend their lives doing all they can to protect us so we wouldn’t end up getting hurt, because to our parents, we’re the most precious blessings they’ve ever received in life. Our parents who are willing to deprive themselves of all the good things to ensure they can give us the best life possible, and yet when we’re grown-ups, when we all think we’re ‘old’ enough to decide for ourselves, we too deprive them–of having a say in our lives. But our parents, despite our misgivings, never cease to care for us their children.  This was reflected in one of the most tear-inducing scenes in Because This Is My First Life between Ji-ho and her Mom.

On their wedding day, Ji-ho saw Mom coming out from the couple’s room. She confronted her for asking Se-hee’s number and warned her to stop talking about ‘stupid things’ with him. When she’s got into the room, she found a photo album and a letter Mom left for Se-hee. The letter reads:

Go Back Couple

Yes, adulthood is indeed hard. And sometimes, when the going gets really tough, we wish we could just go back to our childhood, a time where all our worries and pain can be easily erased by a warm embrace from our mother and father. That’s what has led me to my final choice—Go Back Couple.

Jang Na-ra’s character Mi-ho woke up in her younger self and saw Mom alive (she’s already dead at the present timeline). She initially thought it was a dream. She bawled her eyes out saying Mom has never visited in her dream. She kept on crying talking about the misfortunes of her married life. The dramatic reunion was cut short after Mom hit her in the back asking her to stop talking nonsense very early in the morning. But it’s the scenes that followed which really hit me in the heart. Mi-ho followed her Mom wherever she went like a lost puppy. It was intended to be funny but it made me really want to give my own mother a hug.

My final thoughts:

Now that we still have the chance to show our parents how much we appreciate them. Don’t hesitate to give your mom or dad a hug and tell them how much you love them.

To our mom and dad who have always showered us unconditional love, thank you from our bottom of our hearts.

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