Not Your Typical Stan: Ahjummamshies 2.0

Annyeong chingu! It’s been a fun ride so far! As you all know, we just launched this site early this year, aiming to save lives through our collaborative love for all things K-drama. And in our continuous aim to improve our blog even more, we are planning to have some major revamp in our published posts.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have added a new segment courtesy of Busy Ahjussi: First Impressions. Twice a month, he will publish his first impressions on new K-dramas to help you decide and save you time from watching mediocre (or even crappy!) new dramas. He’s pretty done a good job in his recommendations, so you better check out his previous articles here.

We also take pride in being an interactive fan blog/page, that’s why our daily face-off battles will continue to live on! But this year, we will have a new strategy by having a different theme every week. Make sure to like our Facebook page to join in the fun!

In our continuous effort to expand our social media presence, we are happy to share that we are now on both Twitter and Instagram, too! Please be our friend and like our official accounts. Take note: we only use @ahjummamshies as our official social media handle. 😉

And lastly, please continue to support our blog posts as we are cooking something very exciting for all of you in celebration of our first anniversary as a dedicated K-drama blog site! The increasing number of current daily views are overwhelming, and we are beyond grateful to share this platform to all our fellow fangirls and fanboys.

Happy New Year, ahjummashies! May the dramagenies hear our wishes this 2018!

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