Gong Myung out, Jang Dong-yoon in talks to join You Who Forgot Poetry

After working on two consecutive dramas (Bride of the Water God, Revolutionary Love), it seems like Gong Myung opted for a break following reports he declined a role in the new drama You Who Forgot Poetry, which is now being offered to Jang Dong-yoon (School 2017).

You Who Forgot Poetry is about the unsung heroes of the medical community like nurses, physical therapists, rehab specialists, radiology techs, interns, and other medical staff members, and how poems help them deal with the difficulties in their daily lives. Also in contention to join are actors Lee Joon-hyuk (Naked Fireman) and Lee Yubi (Somehow 18).

The drama’s production is the same team behind Drinking Solo, which is a plus, and is scheduled to air on tvN sometime in the first half of this year.

>> Lee Joon-Hyuk, Lee Yoo-bi, Gong Myung courted for tvN’s medical drama You Who Forgot Poetry


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