Miracle That We Met now looks at Kim Hyun-joo as potential female lead

The upcoming KBS2 drama Miracle That We Met is now wooing Kim Hyun-joo (Fantastic) for the female lead role after Choi Ji-woo (Woman with a Suitcase) turned it down.

If Kim Hyun-joo accepts, she will portray a mother of two who looks happy on the outside but has hidden sadness.

Meanwhile, Ra Mi-ran (Avengers Social Club) and Kim Min-kyung (Six Flying Dragons) are also offered roles in this drama, which is described as a human melo with a twist as it will incorporate the elements of body-swapping and unconventional love triangle in it.

Miracle That We Met is set to premiere this April as a follow-up to Radio Romance.

<< Choi Ji-woo, Kim Myung-min, Ra Mi-ran offered to star in melo Miracle That We Met

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