K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 19-20

To date, Two Cops Episodes 19-20 have been my favorite chapters of the drama. It played mental games with me yet again but also confirmed my hunch from a previous episode.

The Good, The Bad and The Monster in Sheep’s Clothing

One thing I’ve learned from watching mystery and police procedural dramas is that the least suspicious one is most likely the psycho who’d silently cut someone’s throat. Two Cops Eps 19-20 unveiled the monster who tried to kill Doo-sik several times.

Doo-sik placed a bait for Moss after knowing he’s now after Cha Dong-tak.

My hunch from Eps 13-14, if my memory serves me right, was validated during this stage as well. Soo-chang saw pictures of Supt. Ma smiling brightly with Dong-tak’s team and it got me thinking that maybe he was actually trying to protect our hero.

The suspicious jail officer was also commissioned by Supt. Ma to look out for Dong-tak and keep him safe while in prison.

Chief Prosecutor Tak, Jae-hee oppa’s father, has also started luring Dong-tak in his dirty game.

Episodes 19-20 revealed another piece of Dong-tak and Soo-chang’s web of karma. The necklace which Soo-chang gave to Dong-tak was not his, it belongs to another teenage boy who was in the accident site.

The pendant has three letters engraved on it which reads TJH. Tak Jae-hee?

The Knight in Shining Suit

Remember how Jae-hee oppa helped Dong-tak in his dating violence case? Well, this handsome oppa is here again to save the day.

But being handsome and helpful won’t give you immunity from heartbreak, right?

Best New Actor – Kim Sun-ho

This is a big thumbs up to Kim Sun-ho who showed impressive acting during the scene when Doo-sik was dying.

His tears and the pain he showed while saying goodbye to his late friend felt pure and real.

Tipsy Findings

Speaking of Sun-ho oppa, did you know that he won the Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama and was named the Best New Actor during the 36th MBC Drama Awards?

Here he is with Two Cops co-star Lee Si-un (Yong-pal) during the red carpet.

Oppa’s acceptance speech ❤ .


❤ How do you think things will play out in the coming episodes after Song Ji-an starts questioning Dong-tak on his split personality?


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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