K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 21-22

Two Cops Episodes 21-22 pretty much circled around Cha Dong-tak and Gong Soo-chang’s journey in finding the owner of the necklace and solving the mystery of the real angel.

In Search of the Real Angel

Do you know how dying characters in the K-Drama world always leave ambiguous clues instead of saying directly who the real culprit is? Well, Doo-sik is one of them. He left our fantastic duo a vague hint on who the masked killer is. Before taking his last breath, he instructed Dong-tak and Soo-chang to find the “real angel” in order to unmask the knife-wielding murder.

The two’s investigation led them to the orphanage where Doo-sik and Soo-chang grew up. It boasts a mural of angel wings. What made this painting really suspicious was when Dong-tak asked the director who the graduate that created it, she became aloof and refused to answer the detective. Is the artist the real angel and the killer?

The Pendant

Dong-tak discovered that the necklace found by Soo-chang during his and his appa’s road mishap is a token of appreciation given to retiring Incheon detectives in the past. Through this, we can say that the TJH engraved on the pendant refers to Chief Prosecutor Tak Jung-hwan, Jae-hee oppa’s father.

Let’s now put the clues in order. The necklace belongs to Chief Prosecutor Tak, so we can assume that the teenage boy who Soo-chang saw and accidentally left the necklace at the scene was Jae-hee oppa. It was also revealed that Chief Prosecutor Tak started sponsoring Soo-chang’s orphanage the same year of the vehicular accident. The director shared that the mishap left two children homeless, one of them being Soo-chang. But who’s the other one?

What caught my attention in this episode was how much Chief Prosecutor Tak’s love for Jae-hee was emphasized. Is PDnim telling us something by underlining that Chief Prosecutor Tak is willing to do everything for his son? Is he the real angel? What is the involvement of this new character, Chairman Jo, from the incident 16 years ago?

Kobong’s Heartache

It’s been a few episodes already since Kobong and Dokgo started dating unofficially. He even got jealous when his lady love was talking about Dong-tak and was often portrayed as a pabo (stupid) when it comes to dealing with Kobong.

Do you remember how their love line started? Kobong was trying to steal Dokgo’s wallet and we’re all surprised when he interpreted it that she was “flirting” with him.

Two Cops Eps 20-21 showed another side of Dokgo. After sharing a meal with Kobong at a luxurious restaurant, Dokgo excused himself to buy coffee for the two of them. Kobong, thinking that Dokgo already left and worrying about Soo-chang’s medical bills, tried to steal a man’s wallet while at the parking lot. My heart dropped when someone suddenly talked in the background while she’s trying to do her pick-pocketing tricks. It was Dokgo. But what made this scene really interesting was when he asked her if she was “flirting” again. AWW. So he knew it all along. He knew it the first time Kobong “flirted” with him. He just likes her way too much.

Tipsy Findings

In case you want to see our Dokgo’s (Hoya/Lee Ho-won) amazing talent, here’s a live performance of my fave Infinite song, Be Mine.

And even though he recently decided to walk on his musical path alone, he will always be Inspirits’ beloved sexy dancing machine. 💛💛💛

❤ I’m both excited and nervous to know how Jae-hee oppa is linked to Dong-tak and Soo-chang’s web of karma. See you on the next episode.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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