K-Drama Reaction: Hwayugi | Episode 4

New year, new family?

Ordinary Is Not Allowed

Zombie girl Jin Bok-ja (Lee Se-young) is the new addition to the growing squad of Jin Sun-mi (Oh Yeon-seo). It seems that everyone in that messaging chat group is not normal. I think it’s a criterion to get in that super secret group. Kidding aside, I really enjoyed watching these characters’ interaction. It’s an episode filled with promises of hilarious missions and lighthearted moments. Hwayugi seems to be the next #squadgoals we’d want to be part of.

The Hero’s Burden

Sun-mi saw a vision of what the Earth’s future could look like if humans’ negativity continues to create evil spirits. It was too much to take for a mere human and I’m glad she found comfort with Son Oh-gong’s (Lee Seung-gi) presence. For a series filled with action sequences and fantasy storylines, silent moments of the characters speak volumes to the actors’ skills and the director’s effort to convey the implied message without the use of loud dialogues.

The Unplanned Partnership

Oh-gong was sulking because Sun-mi didn’t include him in their “noisy and annoying” chat group. It took a Rich Girl Zombie to made him realize that Sun-mi has a direct contact with him through the Geumgonggo bracelet. His reaction to that was priceless. I bet he’ll fall for Sun-mi first without him even realizing it.

Aside from this romantic progress with our main leads, the two had started fighting evil spirits roaming on Earth. Some may argue, they were probably just victims of Woo Ma-wang’s (Cha Seung-won) manipulation but the two are adjusting well to their new circumstance. They may seem the total opposite but they tend to complement each other well enough that I’m craving more screen-time for them as a viewer.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

The series is opting for the episodic route. They already foreshadowed future conflicts and introduced characters who would either be their ally or foe in the end. Judging from the chemistry I’ve seen in this episode, things would probably get more exciting!

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng

– The Great Sage has a bad case of FOMO (lol).

– Fairy Ha has some good make-up skills!

– Can I have more scenes with One please?

– Bora is here too!!!

– This Dog vs Pig bickering is so funny.

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