About Time adds Lee Seo-won to its cast

We’ve just heard that Lee Sung-kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo) and Lee Sang-yoon (Whisper) signed on About Time, and now we’ve got confirmation that Lee Seo-won  (Hospital Ship) has joined the cast.

Lee Seo-won is tapped to play the role of Jo Jae-yoo, a musical director. He is known as ‘the Mozart of musicals’ because of his natural instincts and genius abilities. He has solid abilities, however, he’s never experienced failure before so his humanity is seriously lacking. I haven’t watched any of Lee Seo-won’s drama but he’s totally a flower boy you can look at on your screen all day.

About Time is a fantasy romance about an unfortunate woman who sees the ‘life-clocks’ of those around her and a man who can stop ‘time.’ The drama is set to follow You Who Forgot Poetry on tvN.

>>Lee Sang-yoon to romance Lee Sung-kyung in new fantasy drama


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