K-Lookbook: Best of 2017

Last year may have been tough for a lot of us. Whether it was because of school, career, or matters of the heart, it’s time to tap your back and congratulate yourself for surviving all of it. We may be experiencing chaos inside but we didn’t let it ruin how we look on the outside. We stayed nitty as we channel style-inspo we saw from our favorite K-drama characters.

Before the nostalgia of the new year fades, let’s lookback one more time to the best dressed K-drama characters in 2017!

Best Dressed Characters

Disclaimer: This is a totally biased and subjective opinion from Ahjummamshies’ dongsaeng. Feel free to mention your best dressed list in the comment section!

Shin Min-ah – Would there be a K-fashion list without her? This foxy time traveller’s wife captures our heart last year through Tomorrow With You.

Lee Dong-wook – His job can be considered gloomy but it didn’t stop Goblin‘s housemate from looking stunning. This 2016-2017 series is a must-watch not just for its story but for these two gorgeous gentlemen.

Kim Ji-won – A lot of fans waited for her to finally have her main lead breakthrough and she proved she deserved to be in the spotlight with slice-of-life series, Fight My Way. She proved impecunious young adults can still look gracious through her retro-filled wardrobe.

Park Seo-joon – There are those who prefer guys in suits and dapper looks but there are also some who loves guys who can pull off a simple shirt and jeans look. A buff Park Seo-joon has charmed us all with his effortless ensemble in Fight My Way.

Best Dressed Couple

Suzy and Lee Jong-suk – This While You Were Sleeping couple is #relationshipgoals with their his and her outfits in the series.

Honorable Mention

Jung Hae-in – He may see colors in a different way but he is a scene-stealer with or without a shirt.

What’s New: K-Lookbook 2018 Edition

As loyal Ahjummamshies readers already knew, there would be some exciting new things coming in our humble blog this 2018. Part of it is K-Lookbook’s revamp into a monthly feature which would focus on your favorite K-drama characters’ styles and OOTDs. It will not only focus on the main leads but will include your beloved side cast which makes the whole series more entertaining to watch.

As we moved forward to a new year full of ultraviolet trinkets and art-inspired prints, don’t forget true style means you being you.

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