Jang Nara may become a bratty heiress in new romantic comedy

It hasn’t been too long since Jang Nara last graced our screen via time-travel rom-com Go Back Couple, but it seems like we’re going to see more of her this year. The actress is offered to play the lead in drama Dog, Witch, and Me.

Dog, Witch, and Me is about a cocky blind heroine (to be played by Jang Nara), her seeing eye dog, and the hard-working vet who learns that the dog he so lovingly trained has been adopted by the bratty ‘witch’ and tries to separate them. The vet role was previously offered to Kang Ha-neul (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) but since he’s currently serving his mandatory military duty, the possibility is up in the air.

Jang Nara had her heyday during the early wave of K-Dramas but I feel that she’s been relegated to an underrated actress ever since, so I hope this one could give her another shot of well-deserved stardom.

The drama is set to air this year but no broadcaster has picked it yet.

>>Kang Ha-neul courted to play vet in Dog, Witch, and Me

>>Blind heiress and a vet in new Pinocchio PD’s drama


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