K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 27-28

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally come. And at last, the real angel has been unmasked. With a few episodes left, let’s see the face behind the black helmet.

Uncloaking the Angel of Death

It’s not Tak Jae-hee. It’s someone who has always been there but people may have barely noticed.

While watching kids at the orphanage, Gong Soo-chang suddenly had a flash back of young Doo-sik describing a little girl that looks like a real angel.

And while Soo-chang was still shocked by what he remembered, the Masked Rider arrived, took off the helmet, and unveiled herself. Yes, it’s a her. It’s the little girl that Doo-sik has a crush on when they were little, Ji Soo-a.

She’s also the mute server at the place where Chief Prosecutor Tak often had meetings with Superintendent Ma and Commissioner Noh.

To be exact, she’s the owner of the establishment.

If you remember in Two Cops Eps 5-6, a box of match fell from the culprit’s pocket and this led Dong-tak to a Japanese tea house, it’s the same shop that the real angel owns. It’s also the same place that Doo-sik started visiting a few days before Dong-tak’s partner died.

Personally, she has been suspicious since the earlier episodes. I have always had this feeling that she has a bigger role because she was often focused on and had solo shots.  She has that look in her eyes that tells the viewers she’s someone important in the drama and not a bit player. Now, how is she involved with Dong-tak and Soo-chang’s web of karma? We are yet to find out.

Dokgo Oppa ❤ ❤ ❤

Dokgo stopped seeing Kobong ever since he caught her red-handed trying to steal a man’s wallet. This left Soo-chang’s lovely minion heartbroken. She then tried to walk the straight path and started looking for a decent job, especially after receiving an advice from Dong-tak.

Kobong started working at the bakery with the three bubbly ahjussis. She was happily serving customers then Dokgo came. He ignored and pretended not to know her. The cold look on his face undoubtedly bruised Kobong’s heart.

And just when I’m about to lose hope, this happened!

Tipsy Findings

Let’s find out who Two Cops’ angel of death is in real life.

Ji Soo-a is played by rookie actress Ok Ja-yeon who had her beginnings in the theater world. In 2016, she starred in the stage play Blackbird.

She played the role of Una who is also portrayed by actress Chae Soo-bin.

This year, Ok Ja-yeon appeared in Bad Guys 2: City of Evil.

❤ Let’s find out in the remaining episodes the reasons why Ji Soo-a turned into an angel of death.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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