K-Drama Reaction: Hwayugi | Episode 6

No matter how many times you hear those three words, it would mean nothing if it’s not from the heart.

Tempting Ma-wang

The most mischievous main lead that ever steps on K-dramaland, Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi), played around a bit so Ma-wang would experience the torment he feels because of the Geumgonggo. The Great Sage said he wanted Ma-wang to know how it feels to want to something so badly but he can’t do anything about it, which probably meant it was what he feels about Jun Sun-mi (Oh Yeon-seo). I think our Monkey King hasn’t yet realized he is starting to really care about Sam Jang.

Despite Ma-wang’s great control of his “cravings,” he still had a hard time fighting the urge to eat Sun-mi. Secretary Ma Ji-young (Lee El) can’t stand it and planned to murder Sam Jang, which resulted to one of the would-be iconic drama blocking I’ve seen so far. That’s not sarcastic at all. Hwayugi is one of those dramas that feel like every scene was made to impress.

The Nosy Pig

Sun-mi survived the attack thanks to Jeo Pal-gye (Lee Hong-ki), who informed Ma-wang and Oh-gong about Secretary Ma’s plans. PK wasn’t doing it for the sake of Sam Jang. He, too, wanted to eat her before. It was obvious he did it because of amnesiac zombie Jin Bu-ja (Lee Se-young), who would rot if Sam Jang dies. I like it that the sideline story is almost as interesting as the main couple. If you’ve been reading my writing in our blog, you’ll probably know that I love all things “secondary” in K-dramaland and right now, I’m so ready to have a second couple syndrome for this unusual OTP.

In The Name of Love

How far can you go for the sake of love? Cliche as it may sound but Sun-mi and Oh-gong definitely would defy earthly rules for each other. Even though Oh-gong keeps on insisting that all he does is because of the Geumgonggo, my weak romantic heart can’t help but swoon whenever he said “사랑하니까 (Saranghanikka)” to Sun-mi. It was build up from the start that Sun-mi longs for companionship so it was understandably troubling for her to have real feelings for someone who thinks she’s just another punishment he just had to get rid off. The frustration to know whether Oh-gong really likes her or not was palpable that General Frost offered to freeze the powers of the mythical bracelet and ask Oh-gong what he really feels about Sun-mi. And that resulted in a confession that could rival Mr Darcy’s avowal of love to Elizabeth.

I’m a sucker for grand gestures but it doesn’t mean it should always came with a flash mob on the Central Station or a kiss under beautiful fireworks. Something simple like Oh-gong’s admission could still feel so ardent.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I feel like I need some energy ball from PK because this is one knee-buckling episode to watch. How can Lee Seung-gi pull off such character? I just can’t imagine any actor playing the Monkey King’s role. He really is impressive. But what impress me the most is that the whole cast is performing really good. The pace of the storytelling is also captivating as it tightly grips the viewer’s attention every week. This series is really producing great cinematic moments.

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng

-General Frost still look roguishly handsome in suit.

-The newest OTP? (lol)

-This aegyo shookt everyone!

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