Kim Hyun-joo, Kim Myung-min, Ra Mi-ran confirmed for Miracle That We Met

The upcoming KBS2 drama Miracle That We Met is now finally shaping up with the casting of its leads and supporting lead. Kim Myung-min and Kim Hyun-joo sign on to headline the show, while Ra Mi-ran gives a nod to also join the cast.

Kim Myung-min (Six Flying Dragons) will portray the role of the arrogant Song Hyung-sil, the youngest branch manager of a top Korean bank. He dies in a car accident, but he will be brought back to life with a different spirit inside his body.

Kim Hyung-joo (Fantastic), meanwhile, will take on the role of Sun Hye-jin, a mother of two who seems to have a perfect life but in reality, she is a divorcee.

Lastly, Ra Mi-ran (Buam-dong Avengers) will give life to Jeo Yeon-hwa, who is described to be someone with a bright personality and a strong will to survive.

Miracle That We Met is billed as a human melo with a twist as it will incorporate body swapping and a bizarre love triangle in it. It is scheduled to air this April following the finale of Radio Romance.

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