Han Hye-jin to star in new MBC melodrama

This might be the year for the brightest of stars to return to dramaland as one of Korea’s goddesses confirmed her comeback! Han Hye-jin (One Warm Word) will headline MBC’s drama called “Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset” (literal title).

The upcoming mini-series will tell the story of Han Hye-jin’s character named Nam Hyun-joo, a housewife who would seek divorce from her college sweetheart to spend her final days finding a new lover. Yoon Sang-hyun (Perfect Wife) is reportedly considering the role of Kim Do-young, Hye-jin’s husband in the melodrama.

Joining the possible powerhouse cast is Yoo In-young, who accepted the role Shin Da-hye, Kim Do-young’s first love. PD Jung Ji-in (Radiant Office) and scriptwriter Jung Ha-Yeon (Cruel Palace: War of Flowers) will be at the helm of the production.

Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset is slated to air on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday timeslot starting March 14.

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