K-Drama Reaction: Hwayugi | Episode 8

This is your new kind of fairy tale…

The Princes

I have a list of K-drama cliches that I either love or hate and the “return of the first love” usually falls on the hate column. But it still depends on how this plot twist is executed. The reappearance of Jonathan (Michael K. Lee) in the life of Jin Sun-mi (Oh Yeon-seo) was a welcome change. It challenges the uncertain feelings of Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi) to Sun-mi. And of course, a jealous Monkey King is really amusing to watch. It also gives glimpses to Oh-gong’s scars from a still unknown past betrayal which made him distrustful of humans. I think it’d break my heart to see this mischievous sage go through a painful experience again.

This episode also showed another kind of a “prince.” He’s not exactly dashing and in love but he has a charming and caring personality. Jeo Pal-gye (Lee Hong-ki) might be greedy with food and women but he sure knows how to take care of his friends. He would be a much-needed support especially now that Jin Bu-ja (Lee Se-young) met the man who killed her.

The Not-so-evil Stepmother

Woo Ma-wang (Cha Seung-won) is sort-of obsessed with seeing Oh-gong suffer. He always creates trouble in paradise. It was fun to watch him scheming but I was actually expecting to learn more about his own love life though. Nonetheless, the Bull King did his part to make Oh-gong and Sun-mi’s relationship stronger by making them trust each other a little bit more. This pair is surely taking baby steps when it comes to their relationship.

The Summoner in Distress

Sun-mi is fulfilling her end of the deal with Ma-wang and sacrificing herself to lure an evil spirit created by human’s jealous nature. It controls people’s minds and convinces them to leave hateful comments online (hul). They managed to tackle this toxic social issue with their supernatural plot. I don’t want to include a novel-long rant about the lack of social harmony online in my K-drama reaction but I just wanted to say that netizens should really think before they click. The scene where PK and Alice teach Sun-mi what SNS post people abhorred is funny to watch but it was a good satirical dialogue of this digital society’s enmity. It was so honest and real that it made me pause the scene and reflect on mean things I might have carelessly said.

Anyway, the evil spirit has been eliminated but he managed to plant some seed of doubt on Oh-gong’s mind about Sun-mi’s loyalty. The Monkey King might have fought it for now but the Geumgonggo-wearing sage is starting to feel terrified with his own feelings.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Fantasy series could either end with an extremely happy ending, a new normal but still happy ending, or a heart-wrenching-it’ll-never-be-the-same ending. I’ve been scarred by this genre before (hi makers of Rooftop Prince and Splash Splash Love, you still owe me btw). The last scene in this episode is formidable. It was a foreshadowing of Oh-gong and Sun-mi’s complex fate. Should I start buying boxes of Kleenex for the ending?

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– Am I the only one thinking this man is either a real demon or is being controlled by an evil spirit?

@grumpyahjumma will give this boy anything

– When you see your friend daydreaming

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2 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Hwayugi | Episode 8

  1. Just like you.. I was scarred by Rooftop prince and splash splash love…both started out really well… The ending was really depressing!!

    I am hoping that Hong Sisters having more experience in writing will be able to give us a creative and satisfying ending..


    1. I’m also crossing my fingers every character will have a good ending. Although now that I think about it those two dramas I mentioned were really really good except for the lack of happily-ever-after ending I personally love.


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