K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 29-30

Just when we thought everything has been revealed in the previous episode of Two Cops, the K-Drama genies decided to throw us another big revelation .

The Cruelty of the Fates

After Cha Dong-tak’s action-filled adventure to arrest Soo-ah a.k.a. the Real Angel and successfully “arresting” Chief Prosecutor Tak for questioning, he and Gong Soo-chang parted ways with gleeful hearts thinking that they have already finished the homework of fate.

Soo-chang’s joy turned into confusion after failing to go back to his body. He then decided to seek Dong-tak’s help as they may have still have unsolved puzzles. But what he heard from the detective and Tak Jae-hee’s conversation shocked him to the core. I was shooketh as well!

Basically, the K-Drama genies decided to put all the blame on Dong-tak. We all thought that the accident was caused by Jae-hee, well, technically yes, but then a background story revealed that all the misfortunes started with juvenile Dong-tak when he provoked young Jae-hee to speed up the car he’s driving.

Though it’s such a heartbreaking revelation, I personally appreciate it story wise. I thought that all the issues will be resolved in Episode 30 and the remaining two episodes will be dedicated for fan service or for the love angle of the drama. But I was terribly wrong, haha. PDnim decided not to let us rest and peeled another layer of the onion.

Tales From the Angel of Death

This chapter tells us the dark origin of how Ji Soo-ah became the “real angel.” In a previous episode, the orphanage director reminded Jae-hee that the accident 16 years ago left two children homeless. We all know that one of them is Soo-chang and the other one is revealed to be Soo-ah.

Her parents were the couple aboard the car which was rammed by the truck of Soo-chang’s father. They were on their way to pick her up.

Because of trauma, Soo-ah stopped talking and developed violent tendencies. Chief Prosecutor Tak found out about this and made her his personal grim reaper.

But the interesting discovery that I stumbled upon this episode is Doo-sik’s true reason for taking the blame and going to prison as the real angel. He didn’t do it for money or for power, well, at least those were not his main reasons, he agreed to be the fall guy because of his affections for Soo-ah ever since they were young. It’s both beautiful and sad.

Tipsy Findings

Here are some behind the photos of our beloved Two Cops squad.

❤ With this big revelation just before the finale, will Dong-tak and Soo-chang finally be able to untangle their web of karma?


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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