K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 1

Mother is a remake of a critically acclaimed Japanese drama of the same title. Before watching the show, I did do a little research but tried not to know much details or it might end up spoiling the fun–or the tears rather. There were lots of good reviews for the original one, that it really raised my expectations–and yes, the pilot episode delivered!

Blood is not always thicker than water

The main story of Mother revolves around the cold, substitute teacher Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and her student Hye-na (Heo Yool), who’s experiencing abuse in the hands of her mother (Go Sung-hee) and her partner (Son Suk-ku). The first episode depicted various maltreatment Hye-na was suffering from and the unexpected strength she has to be able to endure it. There were a lot of heartbreaking scenes like seeing the Hye-na sleep inside a stroller to hide from her stepdad as well as her being put in a garbage bag and thrown outside the house. There were disturbing scenes as well like her stepdad choking her, threatening to kill her, and the show hinting a possible sexual assault. But what really made me cry was the scene at the beach between Soo-ji and Hye-na. All throughout the episode, Hye-na said a lot of times Heaven is not existent, but upon seeing the migratory birds fly, she ran after them and called on them to take her with them, take her far, far away–to Heaven.

As for Soo-jin, I think what drove her to finally made up her mind to abduct Hye-na from her parents was more than just feeling of sympathy, but because she identifies with Hye-na’s ordeal. I feel like the very reason she distanced herself from her mother was she, too, was a victim of domestic violence, and that she resented her mother for doing nothing. Whether my hunches are true, we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m not really sure where the story will be taking us but I’m happy for now that Hye-na will be separated from her good-for-nothing mom and her evil beau.


I really see actress Kim Go-eun while watching Heo Yool portrays Hye-na. Maybe it’s the appearance or the acting, but they do give off the similar vibe. But for her young age, this child actress is really up for something big in the future given the wide range of emotions she displayed in the pilot episode.

I’m also wondering who’s Hye-na’s real father. Is he aware that he has a child? Because if he does, he won’t be thrilled to know what’s happening for sure. Her mother Ja-young is not someone who we can rely on because she would definitely choose her partner over her, seeing how she’s turning a blind eye to the pitiful plight of the child to appease him.


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