K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 2

The deal was sealed and it’s now time to execute the ‘perfect crime.’ It was clever that Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and Hye-na (Heo Yool) came up with a way to mislead people into believing that she might have drowned in the waters by leaving some of her things around the area. I was first confused why she tore up pages of her notebook where she’s written names of Soo-jin and Lee Won-hee, the other kid she said was killed by her mom’s partner, but apparently, that’s to eliminate potential evidence to the kidnapping. Soo-jin even asked Hye-na to use a different name (Yoon Bok) so they would avoid detection as news around her disappearance makes it to the news.

The run begins

Looks like the escape won’t be an easy road for Soo-jin and Hye-na especially when you stumbled with a group of hoodlums early on. I thought the airport granny (cameo by Seo Yi-sook) would be of help to the two when she offered them a ride and a place to stay in, but it turned out that she’s engaged with some sort of underground activities. Because of her, Soo-jin lost a huge chunk of her money to a fake passport she didn’t even get. Moreover, it gave me chills when a woman told Soo-jin and Hye-na to run away from granny or they might end up losing their body organs like her. You just shouldn’t trust strangers easily.

Different kind of mothers

Though I’m infuriated with Go Sung-hee’s character, it was good Ja-young still displayed maternal characteristics. Ga-young looked genuinely anxious learning about Hye-na’s disappearance. You can also see in a lot of scenes how she tries to ease her guilt by giving Hye-na money to buy things she likes. I think Ja-young is a woman who’s not yet ready for motherhood mainly because of her emotional immaturity and her foolish love for her psycho boyfriend (Son Suk-ku).

On the other hand, I have yet to see Soo-jin as a mother figure. Despite her protectiveness towards Hye-na, it didn’t come to me as a mother shielding her child from harm, but more of a woman trying to save herself once again because she sees her younger self in her. However, I remain optimistic that as the story progresses, Soo-jin will learn more about motherhood’s real meaning and will ultimately become one.

Lastly, I’m curious about what really happened between Soo-jin and her mother (Lee Hye-young) that the former chose to live a solitary life and event cut her connection with them. Mom looks like she truly loves her daughter, while Soo-jin appears really resentful towards her.

Honestly, I find this drama more engaging when there’s more tension than when it’s being quiet. The story drags in a lot of parts but it manages to recapture my attention when emotions are high, so I hope they capitalize on that more in the next episodes.

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