K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 1

The K-Drama gods have summoned me and asked me to go back already and pick up my K-Drama Reaction duties or else I’ll be stuck in the underworld K-Dramaless forever and ever. Okay. That’s a bit exaggerated for an introduction, right, when all I wanted to say is annyeong everyone, I missed you so much! Guess I still have a Black hangover with me, eh? So for my new assignment, I picked a light romance to recharge, and I think this Kim So-hyun-Yoon Doo-joon-starrer is a good choice. Well, that’s for us to see so off we go to the pilot episode!

We were greeted by a problematic situation concerning Song Geu-rim’s (Kim So-hyun) radio show due to its pain-in-the-ass DJ who has never made it on time, or worse has never showed up for the show at all because he’s somewhere else drinking and hanging out with the girls, thus earning him the moniker Darn Mi-nu (U-Kwon). So the station manager is not happy and threatened the whole team that he would ax the show if they won’t be able to get a hold of this darn DJ. But of course, our heroine would never allow that to happen so she vowed to bring Darn Mi-nu to do the next broadcast no matter what. But, she failed her mission so she got fired on the first episode. LOL.

Guess we have yet another fighter heroine right here, huh. Geu-rim is an assistant writer who sucks at writing, but her determination makes up for it. And probably, that’s what this weird but competent PD, Lee Kang (Park Yoon), saw in her that’s why he offered her to be part of his new radio show not as an assistant but as the head writer! But here’s the catch: she has to cast top star Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) as the DJ. It’s a golden chance no one can ignore so she grabbed it and accepted the challenge to woo Soo-ho despite having several unpleasant encounters with him. As expected, she was turned down right away but having the never-say-die attitude that she has, she didn’t quit. After seeing an opportunity, she offered herself as a double for Soo-ho’s picky co-star who wouldn’t want to film a scene that requires her to jump in the water amid the freezing cold weather. Ahhh… so this is the scene that caused quite a buzz among netizens as they slammed the drama’s PD for allowing Kim So-hyun to film in the water despite the ruthless cold. So yeah, like the netizens, Soo-ho seemed bothered and moved by Geu-rim’s determination to convince him.

Now with Yoon Doo-joon’s character, Ji Soo-ho. Like what I’ve said, he’s a top star who is admired by everyone, while his family is envied for its seeming perfection. But there’s a rumor that all of it are fake and are only for a show. Hmmm… that’s interesting. I have this feeling that Soo-ho’s mother and also JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-ha (Oh Hyun-kyung), who projects a role model guise for women, will be one of this drama’s biggest antagonists.

Another thing that got my attention was Soo-ho’s apparent love at first sight for Geu-rim. I noticed it quickly with the way he stared at her as if he was mesmerized by her at the elevator. But after hearing Geu-rim’s recollection of her past misencounter with him at a party years ago, I thought it’s probably not a love at first sight but actually a long overdue unrequited love? And then we saw a glimpse of a young Soo-ho looking tenderly at a young Geu-rim in a flashback so my second theory got kind of confirmed. What do you think?

Radio Romance is Kim So-hyun’s first drama after officially turning into an adult, while this is Yoon Doo-joon’s comeback since Let’s Eat. These make me excited to see how everything will turn out. So far with what I’ve seen, I could say that the drama has a lot of potential but we have to admit that its plot feels too familiar. You know, a bright and determined heroine meets an almost perfect but aloof hero who is emotionally scarred deep inside? Yeah, I think it’s this drama’s basic formula (I could be wrong), but I’m fine with it because I’m banking on the leads’ superb acting so please, please be a good one.

Who else here is tuning in this show? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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