K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Finale

“It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding; above all, it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you.”

― Ian McEwan, Atonement

The finale episode of Two Cops revealed the biggest challenge for our dynamic duo, it’s not just about unmasking the Real Angel nor finding the person behind her. Ultimately, the homework of fate is atonement.

The Monster Behind The Angel

After the revelation in the past episodes, it is no longer a surprise that the evil behind Soo-ah is Chief Prosecutor Tak. With the help of Gong Soo-chang, Cha Dong-tak’s team was able to tell the whole nation the truth after 16 years.

The Real Angel also had her own act of atonement when she decided to stab herself after Chief Prosecutor Tak ordered her to finish Dong-tak.

The Father and the Son

Some may have doubted Tak Jae-hee’s credibility as a good guy but he proved yet again that he is worthy of his prosecutor badge.

Homework of Fate: Atonement

After all the mysteries they solved and the hurdles they crossed, Dong-tak needs to answer the fates’ final assignment, who gets to continue leaving, him or Soo-chang. The detective answered it by soaking himself and jumping onto Soo-chang’s soul.

Soo-chang did the same, he made Dong-tak’s hand bleed so that he can get out of his body.

And to make the long story short, the fates found both of their answers right and let them both live.

Tipsy Musings

Now, let me give my two penny worth on the drama as a whole. There are things that I admired in Two Cops but there are also matters that I wished the production team has done differently.

The Story

Story wise, the drama is interesting. The main mystery with Dong-tak and Soo-chang’s web of karma is compelling. And though Two Cops went to the path of commonly used “met as children” trope, I will time and again say that the success of it is based on the writers’ narrative and the director’s execution, the show did quite okay. Not exemplary but not a disappointment as well, just on the middle ground.

I’m a big fan of mystery shows and I appreciate the main riddle of Two Cops. The last several episodes got me on the edge of my sit and made me want to watch the next chapter as soon as possible. I think it was also wise to make everything begin and end with Dong-tak.

For me, the issue was with the minor cases they were trying to solve. It’s not as captivating and remarkable as the ones I’ve seen with other dramas. Yes, those are just story fillers but they’re the salt and pepper that spice up the whole show.

My favorite episode was when Dong-tak went inside the prison to meet Doo-sik. The revelation of the good and the evil in that chapter is the kind of brain twister I love.

Lastly, I approve how the production crew used Soo-ah as the angel of death instead of adding a new character that the audience haven’t seen in the earlier parts of the drama. I appreciate how they used someone who’s presence has always been there, a presence which is subtle and omniscient at the same time.

The Main Characters

Cho Jung-seok proved yet again that he’s a top-caliber actor in Two Cops. Differentiating Dong-tak and Soo-chang is no easy task but he did it smoothly. From the look in his eyes up to the smallest detail, he was able to separate the Charismatic Detective from the Charming Conman. I have high expectations of him and he did not disappoint.

Though Two Cops did not focus on the love line of Dong-tak and Ji-an, I believe one of Cho Jung-seok‘s strength as an actor is his ability to build a strong rapport and undeniable chemistry with his leading lady. There are several scenes that’ll make you silently squeal in this drama.

Kim Sun-ho is the biggest winner of this show. He may be fairly new to the acting scene but his performance is worthy of his MBC Best New Actor award. I can’t forget the way he cried when Doo-sik was dying in front of his eyes and his heart-wrenching final goodbye to the ashes of his childhood friend. He also stirred my emotional heartstrings when he tearfully asked Dong-tak if it’s true that he caused all their mishaps.

Hyeri, on the other hand, received a lot of criticism with the way she portrayed Ji-an. In an interview, Cho Jung-seok defended her and said he cannot understand why Hyeri was being bashed for her supposed poor acting skills. I somehow agree with him on this one. Hyeri did not give a standing ovation worthy performance, but I think what others forget is that she gave what is being asked from her character.

Come to think of it, Two Cops can exist without Ji-an, they can throw in another character whose father was the detective Chief Prosecutor Tak killed and the story won’t change that much. Say if it was Ko Bong-soon or even Nurse Da-jung. Ji-an’s knot in Dong-tak and Soo-chang’s web of karma is like sprinkles on top of an ice cream. It makes it more enticing but remains delicious without it.

If there’s one wish I hope the K-Drama genies granted is that of Jae-hee oppa’s feelings for Ji-an. I think it would have made the story more fun and complex if his affection for Ji-an was developed more, kekeke.

The Supporting Cast

I can’t help but smile whenever these two appear on the screen. Hoya and Im Se-mi‘s tandem is unquestionably adorable.

From Team Leader Yoo to Detectives Park and Lee, from quack doctor Ji to the bakery ahjussis, the K-Drama genies made the supporting characters lovable in their own ways. They especially made my heart warm when they asked Yong-pal to withdraw his complaint on Dong-tak.

And speaking of Yong-pal, I believe he’s the most charming character in this drama. ❤ ❤

❤ Just like any other dramas, Two Cops has its own strengths and weaknesses. It may not be as meticulous as Bad Guys or as squeal worthy as WFKBJ but it has its own beauty. Plus, a lot of Cho Jung-seok shirtless moments. Who am I to complain? Kekeke. Till our next drama drunkard session, annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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