K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 1

We have a new comedy on the block! I was so excited for this drama ever since the casting offers were confirmed and because of the hilarious premise that came with it! And now after much anticipation (and cheeky promos), Laughter in Waikiki had finally arrived, and it definitely lived up to its promise!

What happens when you throw in three guys to run their own guesthouse business in the middle of Seoul to make enough money so that they could produce their own film? DISASTER. The pilot episode introduced us to the Waikiki Guesthouse owners Kang Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun), the cynical yet aspiring movie director; Lee Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung), a wannabe actor who works as an extra; and Bong Du-shik (Son Seung-won), a part-timer who dreams of becoming a scenario writer.

Three Men and a Baby

The opening scenes pretty much gave me some “The Hangover” movie vibe. Dong-gu, Jun-ki, and Du-shik woke up from a drunken night with their water supply getting cut off after failing to pay overdue bills. The Waikiki guesthouse was on the verge of closing down, and in the interesting twist of things, the three friends found a cutie baby girl in one of the rooms! With no parent in sight, they took care of the baby all day, and the comedy ensued. 😂

These three immature beings hilariously fed the baby and changed her diapers after a disastrous pooping episode. Kim Jong-hyun carrying the baby all day is the cutest thing ever! Dong-gu and his girlfriend Min Soo-ah (Lee Joo-woo) broke up with the baby witnessing everything.

And since the show is in the mood for more comedy, the baby’s young mother arrived at the guesthouse, determined to claim her back. She is Han Yoon-a (Jung In-sun), and the baby’s name is Sol. She is an orphan since two, and recently broke up with the baby’s daddy. She had nowhere to go, and everyone (except Dong-gu) offered her to stay in for the mean time.


Although I disagree with this show’s disgust with breastfeeding, I forgive them for the amusing effort of Dong-gu, Jun-ki, and Du-shik in taking care of Yoon-a and Sol. That search for a breast pump was as chaotic as entertaining. I almost lost it when Jun-ki described the search for the perfect breast pump at the maternity store as a natural disaster!

Son Seung-won my love why are you always so adorable? Can we have a Park Eun-bin cameo, dramagods???

Kim Jong-hyun is a true born comedy actor!!!! 🤡

Also, Dong-gu’s sister Kang Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) perfectly complements the male hormones resting in every corner of the Waikiki guesthouse.

We also got our first cameo of the show c/o Dark Death himself, Park Sung-woong!!! (Grumpy tidbit: Waikiki‘s PD Lee Chang-min was also Man to Man‘s PD)

I loved Lee Yi-kyung in Go Back Couple, but I have this inkling that I will love him more in this drama!

Uri Sol-ah is the cutest baby ever!!! She haz some gud acting skillz, y’all!





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