K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 2

This drama is seriously not serious at all. Every one is messed up and that’s what makes the comedy gold. My face still hurts from too much laughing!

Anyone can become a Wolverine

LOL we saw in this hour how Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) takes good care of his skin for his roles. He has an impressive skin care routine, and puts on make up himself. I was expecting a Jo In-sung (aka my 첫사랑) cameo for a brief second after learning that he will shoot with the A-list actor! Boy was I stunned after seeing not In-sung oppa, but Jun-ki wearing that Wolverine-like prosthetic!

I wanted to hug him for his effort in not ruining the make-up… all for his passion for acting! I can’t wait to witness his big break soon!

As in almost every K-drama, toilet humor is always induced in the script, subtle or not. I was really having a hard time controlling myself while watching Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) struggle in finding a decent toilet!!! Poor soul!

Nosy Ex-girlfriend

We also witnessed how Dong-gu’s cheap ex-girlfriend Soo-ah (Lee Joo-woo) immediately moved on and got herself an restaurateur boyfriend. Following Jun-ki’s advice, Dong-gu and Yoon-ah pretended to be a couple to get Yoon-ah jealous. But of course, it’s also Jun-ki who would spill the beans!

Keeping secrets

We don’t have any major secrets yet in the show, but I want to point out how Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun) unconsciously witnessed the Kang siblings’ embarrassing moments! Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) apparently grows a mustache and shaved twice a day, while Dong-gu literally took a dump in a portalet on display! Oh, the humiliation!

Oppa and Chewbacca

No wonder the boys kept calling Seo-jin “Chewbacca” (from Star Wars). Her facial grows faster than them, making her shave regularly. Unlike all of us, getting locked up inside school with your crush is something she would NEVER ask for.


Waikiki aced its casting! It’s been a long time since I cracked up this hard, my jaws hurt.

Seo-jin brutally dabbing cushion powder is me after hearing crush’s footsteps along the hallway:

This household is doomed. LOL

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