K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 4

Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and Yoon Bok/Hye-na (Heo-yool) surely encountered baddies early on in their escape to Iceland, but this episode has introduced us to a lot of good souls willing to extend their hands to our mother-daughter. The journey may not be as smooth as Soo-jin wants it to be but it’s been relatively quiet, but the question is until when?

Family reunion

I was expecting a dramatic reaction from Soo-jin’s Mom (Lee Hye-young) when, all of the sudden, she popped up in front her, but it looks like Mom really knows her well that she just let her do the talking. Soo-jin was very direct to the point and just said that she came to borrow money (she lost most of hers to the hoodlums in Episode 2). Mom agreed on lending her 10 million won on the condition that she’ll spend 10 minutes with her for every one million.

To be honest I was surprised that Soo-jin’s real argument for distancing herself from her Mom was that she doesn’t want control over what she wants–like over what she wants to wear and whom she wants to meet. I didn’t know if there’s more to it but was it really necessary to cut contact with family if you just want to live your life the way you see fit. Or maybe Mom is just really good at making things go her way Soo-jin couldn’t do something about it.

Soo-jin’s discovery of Mom’s cancer seemed to have shocked her but she’s determined in her resolve to take Yoon-bok to Iceland so she couldn’t stay with her.

New allies

The package containing the evidence of the abuse towards Hye-na reached Ms. Ye-eun (Song Soo-hyun) and I was happy that she decided to help Soo-jin to the extent that she fabricated a letter expressing Hye-na’s wish of going to Heavens. She also showed the police a medical certificate corroborating the violence committed towards the child.

I know this drama is not a romance but I couldn’t help but wish Soo-jin and Dr. Jin-hong (Lee Jae-yoon) get more screentime together. Mom set the two on a date but Soo-jin just knew the way to get herself out of her trap. She told Jin-hong she’s she’s not in the mood to fall prey to her Mom and expressed her desire to leave. He accepted it graciously though. But fate seemed more clever than Soo-jin when it left our cold heroine no choice but to hop in his car or she might be running late again. Moreover, Jin-hong came to the rescue to treat Yoon Bok who’s suffering from high fever because of laryngitis. He also stumbled upon the truth that Yoon Bok is not Soo-jin’s real daughter when the kid unconsciously blurted out her real name and her real mother.

When I learned about the story of the mysterious barber shop owner (Nam Gi-ae), it further strengthened my speculation that she’s indeed Soo-jin’s real mother. Soo-jin said when they were kids, they were afraid of her because she’s missing pinky finger. Rumors had it that she lost it while serving her time in the prison. Could it be that the reason she got imprisoned was she murdered Soo-jin’s father for abusing her? I watched the preview of the next episode and it showed a younger version of the salon lady so it made sense Soo-jin couldn’t recognize her as her biological mom.

Shin Ja-young’s grief

Ja-young may be an irresponsible mother but she’s a mother to Hye-na after all. Despite all her effort to convince herself she’s okay, she can’t escape the grief of losing a child. I think the more she denies herself that she’s in deep sorrow, the more she falls into depression. She can’t even sleep without drinking sleeping pills. At the end of the episode, she was arrested by the police for child abuse. I initially thought I’ll be happy with the outcome, but part of me feels bad for Ja-young. The arrest was witnessed by Seol-ak (Son Suk-ku) and it looked like it has fuelled his desire more to hunt Hye-na down.


Finally, can I have a mother like Soo-jin’s adoptive mom? 😀

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