K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 3

I’m not really in my best state about everything else right now, but one thing’s for sure: Waikiki can melt every single cold heart on Valentine’s Day! I know we are not into the main couple’s love line yet, but I’m alright as long as I got my weekly dose of Waikiki-induced laughter!

How much more can you go for your dream?

I love Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) so much I could burst! His passion for acting is indescribable. I almost died laughing when he signed up for a brazilian waxing session! In today’s edition of Jun-ki chronicles, we saw him work his butt off to audition in every single film projects out there, only to land as a nameless spectator at a swimming competition.

But wait there’s more~ In order for him to land the role as a (nameless) swimmer, he needs to shave his chest hair so that his character would be believable. And because Jun-ki likes it exaggerated, he got a brazilian wax (which means every single hair on his body got shaved).

Of course this won’t be an episode of Waikiki if things go the way they are supposed to be. So, in an interesting twist of fate, the girl who waxed Jun-ki (and saw everything) also happened to be his new girlfriend’s dongsaeng! Hahaha! Poor, Jun-ki.

Old habits die hard

We opened the episode to a hilarious heartbreak mayhem courtesy of Kang siblings. Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) grieves after her excessive facial hair growth was exposed to Tae-hyun sunbae, and Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) reels from his break-up with Soo-ah (Lee Joo-woo).

Did I miss the memo? Since when did Tae-hyun like Seo-jin? Because he just magically appeared at the guesthouse, confessing his love for her! (In a very “man or alien” confession by the way🤮) But everything went astray after Seo-jin discovered Tae-hyun’s bad habit of picking his nose a lot. HAHAHAHAHA. Just like Seo-jin, I am at a lost for words during these moments! Tae-hyun even suffers from constant nose-bleeding because of this. And yes, that their deal breaker!

Finding closure

What I like about Waikiki is that underneath all the layers of comedy, they can also deliver really poignant lines. And when someone desperately seeks closure, you have to give it to them, ya know?

As much as I hated Soo-ah for leaving Dong-gu behind after their four-year relationship, I admired her for her honesty. Her words may seem harsh, and I know it stings a lot for Dong-gu, but you can never sugarcoat a break-up. And although this may seem as the notorious break-up cliché “It’s not you, it’s me” line, at least Soo-ah did not make any excuses this time. She just straight up told him that she changed and she liked another man now. At least, Dong-gu is now free from the burden of having no closure with his past. He can now move forward with his life and continue with his dream of becoming a film director. Prove Soo-ah she was wrong for falling out of love for him.


I want to see more of Du-shik’s backstory, too! I signed up on this show because of Son Seung-won, so now give more Seung-won screen time!

OMG Who else here dropped their jaws after hearing that Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun) wants to be a rapper? Hahahaha

This has got to be the most tragic love story of all time…

I love the Waikiki Guesthouse’s entertainment room! This set location is a must-visit!

Waikiki has the cutest baby actors!

What if my dream is to have you, oppa?



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