K-Lookbook: Couple Dressing

There are K-drama couples you already knew would be phenomenal right after you heard their casting confirmation. On the other hand, there are also those you can’t fathom how they would pull off acting like a couple. Whether or not your OTP is oozing with onscreen chemistry, there is no doubt K-dramaland showed us some well-coordinated looks that are legit #couplegoals.

As we celebrate all colors of love this month, I listed some style inspos from lovable K-drama couples that you and your special someone could use for your Valentine’s date. Kaja?

Maknae’s Favorite: Temperature of Love

This feature’s top pick is the sleek outfits of Lee Hyun-soo and On Jung-seon from the romance series, Temperature of Love. I like the subtlety of the matching colors this online-friends-turned-lover wore which complement each other’s style.

Temperature of Love’s Yang Se-jong and Seo Hyun-jin
Good Soup and Jane

Style Tips from K-Dramaland 

How to achieve such harmonious style ala Good Soup and Jane, you ask? As the youngest among the squad, I may lack in the relationship advice department but I know some tricks to use to be the power couple in fashion you want to be.

1. Choose your color and fabric. Find the color palette that you and your partner can both work with. Also,  wearing clothes in the same fabric will provide a unified look for a couple. See how Yoon-yi’s blush checkered coat nicely complements Chi-won’s burgundy red necktie and stripe dress shirt?

Jugglers’ Baek Jin-hee and Choi Daniel

2. Matching doesn’t mean twinning. Some may find it cute to wear identical clothing from head to toe and that’s the easiest way to show-off you two are a couple. But this post is all about looking like you’re meant-to-be without even trying. To achieve that, you can do a his-and-hers version of two outfits ala Soo-ho and Hae-ra.

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me’s Kim Rae-won and  Shin Se-kyung

3. Play with your differences. You and your special someone can wear the same color in different hues and styles like the blue theme going on with Sa Jin-jin and Gong Ji-won’s casual looks.

20th Century Boy and Girl’s Han Ye-seul and Kim Ji-suk

4. Don’t be afraid to put some color. Finding a style to complement two people is difficult so it is always safe to go for neutral and earthy colors. But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear your vibrant-coloured clothes on a date! Remember, its all’s about how you wear it. Make it your goal to look as fresh and youthful as Kang Woo-il and Eun Yi-Soo from My Introverted Boss!

My Shy Boss’ Yoon Park and Gong Seung-yeon

6. If in doubt, wear black. In opposite of the previous tip, if you don’t know what to wear for that family dinner or Sunday brunch date, a monochromatic style is always the safest yet still fashionable choice. Impress their loved ones with a black-gray combo similar to Kang Ha-ram and Detective Han Moo-gang/Grim Reaper from Black. Also, isn’t it cute to wear matching headbands at an amusement park or a music fest?

Black’s Song Seung-hun and Go Ara

7. Keep it casual. That is not what you want to hear in a serious relationship but I’ll say it to everyone who feels tired of dressing alike on dates. Wear individual casual looks on weekend strolls or coffee dates. You can even opt for something basic like denims and white dresses.

Go Back Couple’s Son Ho-jun, Jang Na-ra, and Jang Ki-yong


These K-drama couples are visual match-made-heavens. Go ahead and try out their styles this Valentine’s week!

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