K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 4

This hour on Waikiki wonderland is a bit unusual as we do away with the extreme comedy and infused a bit of heart. Don’t get me wrong, this episode is still as funny AF, but it’s about time that the plot should move forward. We get to know more of Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) and Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun) in this episode. And I’m glad that we are not dealing with heartbroken Kang siblings, too.

Jun-ki’s dream

Lee Yi-kyung is still the funniest guy in this dramaverse, no doubt! Despite being Lee Deok-hwa’s son, Jun-ki is determined to make a name on his own. And we are all witness to his extreme perseverance. I admired him for not hating on his famous dad, but I really hope to see more of their bonding moments, too.

Jun-ki is also the only supporting actor who would swallow his pride (and everything else hahaha) for the sake of his craft! I’m glad his efforts are slowly getting noticed.

One thing I know for sure when you’re working in the entertainment industry, connections will bring you to high places whether you like it or not. It’s important to leave a good impression to whomever you’re working with so you can get recommendations from high profile people. And this is what Jun-ki fears the most – because his Dad is a well-known veteran in the industry, he shied away with building a good network. Thankfully, his good acting was noticed by prime actress Kim Hee-ja (cameo by Kim Seo-hyung)! Now, Jun-ki lands his first regular role in a morning drama as a driver. It’s still a good career development, right?

Sol’s father

We also get to know more about Yoon-ah’s background today. So Yoon-ah became an orphan at two years old, was abused by the director of the orphanage that kept her, and got pregnant by her boyfriend while she was working as a part-timer.

I don’t know if I agree with Yoon-ah when she explained why she has no intentions of finding Sol’s father and tell him the truth, but I get where she’s coming from. Yoon-ah never told him that she’s pregnant even after they broke up. Getting back together for the sake of their child when there’s no love left is really not a good idea. And Yoon-ah is in a better place now in the hands of the Waikiki fam.

I also love how we are slowly building the chemistry between Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) and Yoon-ah. When Dong-gu punched Yoon-ah’s ex blind date, I realized that our hero is really starting to grow his affection for her. He’s still annoyed by her, but he is now unaware that he cares for this pretty crybaby.


As usual, the opening scenes crack me up!!!

OMG this scene is so gross, it’s so funny!

Dong-gu is in the running for the worst babysitter award:

Where do they get these baby actors? So adorable!!!!

I want to be best friends with Seo-jin (Go Won-hee)

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