K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 5

A truth has been unlocked

I knew it! The barbershop lady (Nam Gi-ae) was more than just an ordinary character but was actually Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young)’s birth mom. No wonder she’s been kind to her and Yoon Bok (Heo Yool). I was holding my breath as I watched Soo-jin stumbled upon the truth and finally confronted her. The tension build-up was heart-pounding to watch and I was totally shocked when Soo-jin screamed at her while unconsciously pressing her hand against a teacup, so hard it bled. I love how the unlocking of the cable lock was used in parallel with the unraveling of the truth. We didn’t know yet what was birth mom’s real reason for abandoning Soo-jin but looks like she didn’t do it out of selfishness. Now, I also know why the young Soo-jin insisted on waiting for her mother outside the orphanage. Can anyone get me some tissues?

Seol-ak is a serial killer

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s frightened by Seol-ak (Son Suk-ku) because this guy is just simply evil. This episode has brought us up close to the past child cruelty he perpetrated. He had a lot of former partners whose child he killed. He exploited the fear and love of his lovers to cover up the deaths so it will forever be unreported. And I think the situation with Ja-young (Go Sung-hee) and Hye-na was headed that trajectory if Soo-jin was not able to take the young girl away.

Unfortunately, Seol-ak was starting to piece out together what really happened to Hye-na and I’m afraid he’ll start hunting them soon.

The actress is no drama queen

As the story progresses, I’m slowly growing to like Soo-jin’s adoptive mother (Lee Hye-young). She’s a person who puts on a strong facade to cover up her weaknesses but she’s fully aware of it. She doesn’t let her emotions overwhelm her even in the face of death. She actually shares a similarity with Soo-jin and that is they do as they please. Soo-jin might be in protest, but her adoptive mother playing a matchmaker between her and Dr Jin-hong (Lee Jae-yoon) is something I totally support.

A confidant

Soo-jin and Yoon Bok are moving from places to places and I love it that they are finally to end up at Dr Jin-hong’s house. I couldn’t help but root for their love line (Am I just missing rom-coms?). Dr. Jin-hong is a nice guy and he seems reliable. He’s the type of guy who tries to read between the lines and someone who doesn’t force another person to open up which is a perfect match for Soo-jin’s introverted personality. Just how far he’ll be of help to Soo-jin and Yoon Bok, despite knowing the truth they’re not really blood-related, that’s for us to see, especially when the chase is to begin anytime soon.


I can’t help but laugh at that guy customer whose haircut was not finished because Soo-jin’s adoptive mom had to talk to her.

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