K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 5

It seems like Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) and PD Lee Kang’s (Park Yoon) stubbornness would never allow them to work in peace. *shaking my head*


I’m always amazed but don’t always agree with PD Lee Kang’s outrageous ways. Like in this episode. Would you believe that he managed to make Soo-ho sign a contract to do broadcast live? Thanks to soju! It’s amazing how he did it, but I don’t agree with it because I feel like Soo-ho was bypassed. But I can’t also think of any other way to convince Soo-ho to DJ live so I guess I would let it slide just this once. LOL.

So yeah, without any knowledge about what’s going on, Soo-ho asked PD Lee Kang to disconnect and repeat the broadcast when he encountered a feisty caller on air. The glitch didn’t end there as the show almost suffered the forbidden seven-second dead air after Soo-ho blacked out when he found out that they’re live. I feel bad for Soo-hoo especially when I saw how flustered he was. I feel worse seeing how affected he was with the articles and comments about the incident appearing online. He’s beating himself up over that single mistake and I can fully understand why. Who wouldn’t if you grew up with a stepmom like his who would always threaten him to do good to avoid causing her harm? Poor Soo-ho. I can’t wait for that moment when he could finally breathe, let go, and show his true emotions. I want him to know that it’s okay to sometimes make mistakes and that the more important thing is how you pick up yourself from it because just like what radio veteran Moon Seong-woo (Yoon Joo-sang) told Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun), “A failure can be a success.”


Another scene that makes my heart ache for Soo-ho was when he met Geu-rim’s omma and witnessed how good is their mother-daughter relationship. We all know the truth behind Soo-hoo’s family. They pretend to be perfect and happy, but the truth is they’re broken beyond repair. JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-hyuk (Oh Hyun-kyung) is a good for nothing stepmother who always manipulates Soo-hoo to do what is beneficial to her. Meanwhile, Soo-ho’s dad, Ji Yeon-seok (Kim Byung-se), is busier spending time with his young mistresses than overseeing his son’s welfare. Hmmm, aren’t you curious about what happened to Soo-ho’s real mom?

On the lighter side, I couldn’t help but smile with the awkward reaction on Soo-ho’s face when Geu-rim’s omma told her daughter that she’s now best friends with the jerk. It’s even funnier watching Soo-ho getting a bit jealous when he saw how close PD Lee Kang is with Geu-rim’s omma with the former even telling the latter that they are like son and mother to him. And as if Soo-ho is competing with PD Lee Kang, he called Geu-rim’s mother “eommoni” when he asked her permission to “borrow” her daughter for a while for a radio training session. Nomu nomu kyeopta!


Among the four major characters, it’s Jin Tae-ri (Yura) that is a bit disappointing. Already five episodes in but we’ve only seen her acting bratty and blackmailing CEO Nam. I would appreciate it if we would finally be enlightened about why her career went downhill because just like what she’s always bragging, she’s a well-known and award-winning child star before alongside Soo-ho so I’m curious to know what happened to her. I’ve read in promotional write-ups about this drama that a DUI incident took a blow on her acting career, but it has yet to be properly highlighted on the show. Maybe we could get a deeper knowledge of her backstory in the next episode?

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