K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 6

“Just because you’re not crying doesn’t mean you’re not sad. Just like how smiling doesn’t mean you’re happy.” – Ji Soo-ho/Song Geu-rim


I so love this quote because it didn’t only help a young boy struggling with his emotions let go, but it also helped Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) remind Geu-rim of who he really is in her life. And that kiss! I’m sure we all felt butterflies in our stomachs because of it! But the more exciting thing is the discovery that this is not actually their first kiss as it was revealed that they’ve already kissed before when they were young. You two! I just wonder how come Geu-rim didn’t recognize Soo-ho right away. Is it because she was always wearing an eye mask during the times they were together in the past? I know that’s a ridiculous excuse.

Well, I just hope that this huge romantic development between our OTP will help Soo-ho open up himself more to others. I also wish that he won’t suppress his feelings for Geu-rim anymore because he deserves to be happy especially with all the emotional torture he’s been through at the hands of her manipulative stopmother. But we must expect that it will never be an easy road to happiness for Soo-ho and Geu-rim because JH CEO Nam Joo-ha (Oh Hyun-kyung) will surely do everything not to let it happen. So to our OTP… fighting!


I can already imagine that Soo-ho will be a very jealous boyfriend. LOL. He’s so cute whenever he’s acting jealous towards Geu-rim and PD Lee Kang (Park Yoon) most specifically everytime he questions the latter for always addressing the former as “maknae” (newbie) when she’s already a main writer. PD Lee Kang told Soo-ho that he’s actually also treating Geu-rim a newbie because he’s ignoring her scripts and making her run errands for him. I totally agree. But in this episode, Soo-ho had the chance to finally treat Geu-rim like a true main writer.

At long last, Soo-ho used Geu-rim’s script when they had to do the broadcast in a remote station after getting stuck outside Seoul due to a road accident. The show became a success thanks to Geu-rim’s brilliant idea to feature the story of a boy who refuses to graduate because he still waits for his best friend who went to Seoul to get treatment for his sickness. I now believe PD Lee Kang’s forecast that Geu-rim will be the first radio writer who will master all the planning, brainstorming, and writing fields. Way to go, Geu-rim-ah!


I’m bothered with the troubling messages that read “Ji Soo-ho is a murderer.” received by PD Lee Kang’s team while Soo-ho’s remote broadcast was on. Could it be related to the death of Soo-ho’s friend Woo Ji-woo? I have three suspects behind these messages: Jin Tae-ri (Yura), manager Kim Jin-woo (Ha Joon), and Jason (Kwak Dong-yeon).

Tae-ri because she’s so determined to use Soo-ho to redeem her career plus she seems to have knowledge about the top star’s past. Manager Kim because he’s also close to Soo-ho, and he seems to have feelings for Tae-ri that why it’s possible that he gave in when she asked him to give her the “evidence.” Lastly, Jason because of his suspicious conversation with an unidentified person in the last part of this episode. Woah. If it’s Jason, it would really break my heart because I like his goofy character, and I’m also convinced that his concern for Soo-ho is genuine. So please, please don’t let it be him!

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