Joo Ji-hoon, Ha Ji-won consider offers to headline big-budget drama

A big-budget drama is on the works, and it’s no wonder only big stars have received offers so far.

Ju Ji-hoon (Kingdom) and Ha Ji-won (Hospital Ship) have been offered to star in the upcoming KBS2 drama Prometheus: War of Fire. Both actors are said to be reviewing the offers, and I seriously wish they both say yes. If so, Ju Ji-hoon will play the role of North Korean defector Park Hoon, while Ha Ji-won will portray NIS agent Chae Eun-so. They will be tapped by the South Korean government to look for missing North Korean nuclear scientists, who disappeared in a third-world country. The two will disguise as a married couple while carrying out their mission wherein they will go up against other countries that are also after the missing scientists.

The budget for this upcoming series is reportedly at around 30 billion won or roughly $28 million. The filming is set to begin in May 2018 and will take place in five different countries.

One thought on “Joo Ji-hoon, Ha Ji-won consider offers to headline big-budget drama

  1. strange combo, just can’t really imagine a romance between these two! an interesting casting for this drama would be Hyun Bin and Song Ji Hyo, or Joo Ji Hoon and Song Ji Hyo, they would totally fit with the role and aura, but guess that arent going to happen with Song Ji Hyo likely to accept new Romcom drama!


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