K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 5

This show has the perfect balance of humor and heart. I didn’t expect it to go on full comedy as the story progresses, but at least it still managed to infuse laughter in the most serious scenes.

Cheer up, Seo-jin!

Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) still reeled from her job interview disaster. She wanted some alone time in her room, but her housemates would not let her be in peace. I could not help but laugh when they all used the same words of encouragement from Du-shik’s (Son Seung-won) book to cheer her up.

Waikiki 5 (10)

As usual, things would never go as planned in this dramaverse, with each of them ending up aggravating Seo-jin’s situation. Seems like Seo-jin slaps someone in every episode!

Waikiki 5

Caught up in a love affair

Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) once again shined in this hour! Hahahaha. It’s the first day of shooting for his first drama, and guess what? Fate has never been in his side all along. His old car was bumped by the drama’s writer, ended up dating her to be on her good side, and then, ruined everything because the writer was apparently in a relationship with the director! From loveless to jobless real quick!

Waikiki 5 (11)

Waikiki 5 (11)

I know I should feel bad for Jun-ki but I was cracking up the whole time because his character (after everything he went through) was killed off in the drama using a mint candy. That cheater of a writer sure knew the way around dramas.

Waikiki 5 (9)

Du-shik’s restraining order

I was so happy uri Du-shik has his time to also shine in this episode!!! He was offered to be a scenario writer for an erotic movie, and now, he is watching sexy scenes for inspiration. LOL! What happens when you send explicit messages to the wrong person, not to mention it’s a girl you like? Determined to delete the message, he rushed to her house to find the cellphone, but got caught. Poor, Du-shik. I still love you, though.

Waikiki 5 (1)

Waikiki 5 (4)

As of this writing, I keep on thinking the inspiration behind this scene. Du-shik had been given a 100-meter restraining order, and I strongly felt that his shout was a spoof of another drama. I just could not remember it.

Waikiki 5 (6)

Flu outbreak

There’s a group reservation at the Waikiki Guesthouse in this episode, so it’s the best time for Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun) to have a flu and pass the virus to Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun)! I think spending some alone time together opened up Dong-gu’s heart. We saw how he unconsciously started caring for Yoon-ah in the past episodes, but this time it’s for real. After she took care of his injured self, Dong-gu looked for a way to make Yoon-ah’s dream come true!

Waikiki 5 (6)

Waikiki 5 (8)

Waikiki 5 (12)


  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute is Sol???? I want to pinch her face! T_T


  • The show is slowly building up its love line. How cute is Dong-gu’s while being hugged by Yoon-ah? See that blushing face!

Waikiki 5 (8)

Waikiki 5 (14)

  • This strip show was the highlight of this episode!!!! Totally lost it when Jun-ki started undressing. Hahahaha. I’m totally shipping Wolvie and Chewie!!!

Waikiki 5 (7)

Waikiki 5 (5)

  • We all have that one friend who knows how to hit hard when we like someone who’s out of our league.

Waikiki 5 (1)

  • I feel ya, Jun-ki. I feel you, brother.

Waikiki 5 (9)

Waikiki 5 (10)


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