K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 7

We’re just in the middle of this drama but it seems like every secret’s now out in the open that I don’t know what to expect anymore. I fear that Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) will ultimately fail in her attempt to bring Hye-na (Heo Yool) to Iceland and she’ll end up in prison.

Hyun-jin finds out the truth

If there’s one thing that worries me the most now, that is Hyun-jin (Go Bo-gyul)’s discovery that her niece Yoon Bok is no other than the missing Mooryung schoolgirl, Hye-na. She did try to keep Soo-jin’s secret of having a child but her ‘I’m a reporter’ statement still echoes in my mind. And given that it will cost her her job as a journalist, I don’t know if she’ll make the same choice again.

Strong Woman Cha Young-shin

First of all, sorry for the cheeky title, hah, however, I believe there’s no other better word than ”strong” to describe Soo-jin’s adoptive mother (Lee Hye-young). Cha Young-shin may come as a diva-esque strong-headed lady but she’s a kind-hearted woman deep down inside her.

Her scenes in this episode are my favorite because of the courage and maternal love she demonstrated. The scene with her physician where she expressed her determination to live was so powerful. The moment where she steeled herself right after hearing that her chances to survive were so slim showed how resilient she is. But what made me admire her more is her acceptance that she could also die. This led her to hire Dr. Jung (Lee Jae-yoon) as her new attending physician so he could help Soo-jin cope with the situation if ever things go for the worse.

Mom was also very inspiring when she reprimanded Yi-jin (Jeon Hye-jin) for asking Yoon Bok if she looks like her father because she doesn’t resemble Soo-jin at all. Mom referenced herself and said that for her as long as she raised the children herself, regardless of who their father is or whether or not they’re even hers, they are her true children. Hearing this gives me hopes that when the truth is finally out, she’ll be understanding of Soo-jin’s decision to abduct Hye-na. Because more than anyone else, I believe that Cha Young-shin knows that motherhood isn’t about bloodline but about unconditional love.

But no matter how kind she is, you should not mess with Cha Young-shin. The scene where she confronted Soo-jin’s real mother (Nam Gi-ae) was so intense and engaging that my body automatically flinched when she threw the mug against the mirror.

Soo-jin’s lost memories 

I now understand why Soo-jin’s birth mother is so bent on hiding the truth from her as the truth could harm her more than help her. The fact that she didn’t abandon her at all may bring guilt to Soo-jin for hating on mom all these years. But the question now is how long it will be buried when Soo-jin’s repressed memories are slowly coming back.

‘Detective Seol-ak’

Why are villains most of the time more quick-witted than the good guys? Seol-ak (Son Suk-ki), driven by his desire to get rid of Hye-na, has figured out Soo-jin’s motivation for taking her. Taking hints from Soo-jin’s affinity for birds, he did a research on her and dug out a lot of crucial information about our heroine. No one’s privacy is safe anymore in this digital age, I guess.


Soo-jin’s mothers are indeed very well-written but it’s Lee Hye-young and Nam Gi-ae’s excellent portrayal that really made them memorable. So I’ve decided to do a little research about their past roles and here’s what I’ve got:

Lee Hye-young was Lee Min-ho’s ultra-rich and controlling mother in Boys Over Flowers while…

…Nam Gi-ae played Eric Moon’s materialistic and annoying mom in Another Oh Hae-young.

Lastly, am I the only one who wished Soo-jin to appear in this scene. LOL.

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