K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 6

This is everyone’s favorite phase in a relationship: there is joy in watching the guy like the girl first and struggle a lot in denying his own feelings.

Waikiki 6 (1)

The Bed Scene

Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) went to Mount Extreme this week! He was cast as a stand-in for a love scene with a pretty actress, and in order to get the role, he promised to lose 10kg to match the weight of the lead actor. I was so busy laughing that I forgot this is Jun-ki, the pitiful actor who never gets the role he wants. He even ended up getting evicted from the shooting set. Poor Jun-kiya!

Waikiki 6 (1)

The Pervert

Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun) started taking baking classes to improve her skills. Oooh, our sweet young mama is a boy magnet! But not the nicest boys, of course. A perv from her class started to grossly act around her, even to the point of tasting Yoon-ah toothbrush and mistakenly taking Seo-jin’s (Go Won-hee) lacy undies! Gross!

Waikiki 6

And because Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) is slowly getting head over heels with our hot mama, he told one of Yoon-ah’s suitors that she used to be addicted to plastic surgery! Hahahaha. Rumor has it Yoon-ah was allegedly a transgender man. Why is everyone in this drama so extreme?

Waikiki 6 (3)

The Erotic Movie

We have all kinds of green jokes in this episode as Du-shik (Son Seung-won) forcefully (or not?) watches erotic movies for inspiration. He struggled so hard not to get caught by his housemates, but thanks to that perv, he almost got busted.

Also, no wonder there are no clients at the Waikiki Guesthouse!!!!

Waikiki 6 (2)

A white lie gone wrong

Yes to another cameo! Landlady (cameo by Jeon Soo-kyung) arrived at the guesthouse to demand for their unpaid rent. With no other choice left, Jun-ki told her that Dong-gu impregnated someone and now they are making ends meet to raise Sol! Hilarious! And because of Jun-ki’s simple lie, everything got complicated. They only wanted to make up a story for the landlady to let them stay at the house, and it did got them off the hook. But things got mixed up so badly that the landlady now wanted Dong-gu and Yoon-ah to wed! LOL

Waikiki 6 (4)

Waikiki 6 (5)

It was really a nice wedding! Yoon-ah was so beautiful!!!! But of course, the episode won’t end like that! The landlady found out that everything was a big lie, and asked them to pay for the wedding expenses on top of their unpaid rent for one month!

Waikiki 6 (12)

Waikiki 6 (13)


Totally hopping on the Wolvie and Chewie ship rn!

Waikiki 6 (1)

And just like how Jun-ki puts it whenever something’s obviously wrong: “It’s okay!” Hahahahahha

Waikiki 6 (7)

Waikiki 6 (8)

Jun-ki could really be a drama writer after deceiving their landlady about Sol’s real parents!

Waikiki 6 (9)

Dong-gu, you are so in love right now I can’t take the cuteness!

Waikiki 6 (2)

Smiling Sol is everything!

Waikiki 6 (2)

The ex-girlfriend is back!

Waikiki 6

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