K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 8

How should one remember what she has never forgotten in the first place?


At long last, Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun) finally recognized that Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) is the faceless boy whom she met 12 years ago. You know, I couldn’t understand people sometimes. Soo-ho could’ve just told Geu-rim that he’s Woo Ji-woo instead of acting prickly towards her or dropping hints about their history. Why did he have to make things complicated? It’s kind of absurd to expect Geu-rim to recognize him when he even requested her not to remove her blindfold and just remember him that way years ago. Plus he now uses a different name! Speaking of, Soo-ho’s change of name confuses me. So, does this mean that his real name is Woo Ji-woo? Then why does his friend’s urn also bear the name Woo Ji-woo, while the graduation certificate displayed beside it has Soo-ho’s name? I need somebody to enlighten me on this, please.

Though I feel sympathetic over the hospitalization of Geu-rim’s omma, I still consider it as a blessing in disguise for our main OTP. This triggered a lot of fond memories that helped Geu-rim uncover the truth. Of course, Jason (Kwak Dong-yeon), who I’m still not sure whether an ally or not, also played a part in it as he confirmed to Geu-rim that Soo-ho’s name before was Ji-woo and that he was at that hospital 12 years ago. I wonder why Soo-ho used to visit the hospital frequently? Could it be that his late friend, who I don’t know how to address now, was sick and getting treatment there that’s why he could relate to Sang-gu’s story?


Am I the only one who always considers PD Lee Kang’s (Park Yoon) concern for Geu-rim as something non-romantic? I thought he just looks at her as a junior at work, and just wants to help her develop her full potential. Can you blame me when he always acts as if he doesn’t care and always gets angry at Geu-rim whenever she lets other people take advantage of her? Until now. The way PD Lee Kang and Soo-ho exchanged powerful stares when the former covered Geu-rim with a blanket made me realize that behind our crazy PD’s easygoing attitude is the truth that he looks at our heroine not only as a mere co-worker but as a woman.


I feel so bad for Soo-ho. It seems like his stepmom and father are making him do all the work to earn money and clean after their mess. I’m the one who feels tired with JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-ha’s (Oh Hyun-kyung) constant manipulations and monitoring of Soo-ho. What does she think of him, a money-making machine? She always prioritizes business over Soo-ho’s well-being, and her fakeness is so cringe-worthy that waiting to witness her downfall feels like torture!

Soo-ho’s dad, meanwhile, is I think the most worthless character in this drama. He only appears very briefly, but everytime he’s on, he’s either with his mistress or kissing CEO Nam’s ass. But he’s much, much worse in this episode! He also tried to manipulate Soo-ho to do a drama with Jin Tae-ri (Yura) so that the latter won’t release his scandalous photos with young actress Jung Da-seul (Seo Ye-seul). Why does Soo-ho have to take responsibility for his immorality? Oh well, at least he’s aware that he has never been a father to Soo-ho.

Another big, fat leech in our hero’s life is Tae-ri. Is Soo-ho the only way for her to redeem her career? She looks so pathetic forcing Soo-ho to start a romance rumor with her. Try to fix your bad attitude first, girl!

P.S. Just a naughty thought. Why did Soo-ho and Geu-rim have to stand so closely to each other while hiding from Tae-ri when there’s so much space for the two of them inside the cabinet?! 🤔🤔🤔

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