Lee Jun-ho, Jung Ryeo-won, Jang Hyuk offered to lead Wok of Love

SBS is definitely on a roll this 2018. Upcoming drama Wok of Love is scouting 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho (Just Between Lovers), Jung Ryeo-won (Witch’s Court), and Jang Hyuk (Voice) as leads. Based on reports, all three actors are positively eyeing the offer.

Junho is up to play the male lead Seo Poong, a former star chef who now works at a struggling Chinese restaurant. Jang Hyuk, on the other hand, will possibly take the role of building owner and ex-gang member Doo Chil-seo.

Wok of Love will be helmed by screenwriter Seo Sook-hyang who also worked in the 2016 drama Jealousy Incarnate. It will take over the Mon-Tues 10PM time slot of Should We Kiss First.

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