K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 8

Did Ja-young (Go Sung-hee) just see Hye-na (Heo Yool)!? Woah this drama is killing me with its cliffhangers! Well, before I talk furthermore, let me apologize for the late drama reaction. I was sick for days and I’ve been warped from dramaland into dreamland for quite a bit. Okay, let’s go back to business.


Hyun-jin (Go Bo-gyul) confronted Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) about Yoon Bok’s real identity and she really made sense! She asked Soo-jin to hurry up and leave for Iceland with Soo-jin because the truth will inflict damage to her and the entire family. I’m happy that Hyun-jin chose to protect her sister and her family rather than putting everything in her hands and take action. It’s obvious that Soo-jin has not foreseen this mess but now she has to make the most difficult decision and that’s to leave despite Mom (Lee Hye-young)’s vulnerable state.

The truth about Soo-jin’s family

Finally, birth mom (Nam Gi-ae) has decided to tell Soo-jin the entire story before she left her and I’m warning you, you’ll ugly cry. Mom used to raise Soo-jin at the very young age singlehandedly until a man came and offered them house and food. But this paradise quickly turned into a nightmare, when the man started assaulting her whenever he got drunk. The turning point–that’s when the man chopped her pinky finger for attempting to escape with Soo-jin. Mom couldn’t take it any longer and killed him. After that, she planned to kill Soo-jin and herself but the then young Soo-jin said she wanted to live, so she decided to leave her at the orphanage, after all, she’d be arrested for the crime in no time.


If there’s one thing that’s consistent in this drama, that is Yoon Bok’s ability to touch the hearts of people, well except her real mom. The scene where she talked about Soo-jin’s life through the dolls were heartening even to the bitchy Yi-jin (Jeon Hye-jin).

I pretty much overlooked Jae-Beom (Lee Jung-yeol) in my reviews but now I want to put the spotlight on him. It’s admirable how he would go great lengths for the sake of Cha Young-shin, Soo-jin, and the entire family. This, however, made me think he’s just more than a loyal right-hand man. I think he’s Cha Young-shin’s former lover and that he chose to be her aide so that she could keep her by his side. Am I being too romantic? Moreover, am I the only one who thinks he is actually Hyun-jin’s real father? I did rewatch some of the previous episodes and I noticed the awkwardness between them. Hm.

If there’s one more person that is earning my ire other than, that’s no other than Yi-jin. I tried to be understanding of her jealousy towards Soo-jin but to look into her family register to find out she’s not entitled to inheritance because she doesn’t have a child was way too much. The scene where she called Soo-jin old and poor in front of everyone, doubting Dr. Jung’s intention to date her was also very infuriating. Good thing Dr. Jung (Lee Jae-yoon) was such a knight in shining armor, defending his feelings for Soo-jin.

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