K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 10

“Go out with me. Date me.” – Ji Soo-ho


Ahhh, I envy Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun) very much! Imagine being pursued by a top star like Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon)? You might not only feel like you’re the prettiest girl in dramaland, but also the luckiest because he would give you a car as a gift (but would also take you to his home to eat instant noodles for a date)! LOL. But Geu-rim didn’t give in that easily to Soo-ho’s efforts to impress her, which makes me wonder how could K-Drama girls manage to play hard to get when uber gorgeous, ultra rich heroes woo them? They’re so amazing, jinja. If I’m in their shoes, I’d probably accept their confession in an instant! Like, “Yes, oppa! I like you, too. Let’s get married and make babies ASAP.” Hahaha!

Soo-ho is so cute when in love, isn’t he? He’s so adorbs when he told Geu-rim that she’s the only girl he has ever dated and when he acted like a happy child after Geu-rim told him that she’d like to see him the next day. I can’t also help but laugh every time he’s acting like a jealous freak towards PD Lee Kang (Park Yoon). His conditions for our crazy PD gets more and more unbelievable each episode. First, he only asked him not to call Geu-rim “maknae.” Then, he forbade him from putting his arm around Geu-rim’s shoulders and talking to her casually. Now, he told PD Lee Kang never to make any eye contact with Geu-rim when he’s talking to her. Like, seriously!? LOL.


But it seems like JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-ha (Oh Hyun-kyung) plans to abruptly end our main OTP’s budding romance. In this episode, CEO Nam blackmailed KBC Network that she will pull out all of JH Entertainment’s stars from the station if they won’t release Soo-ho from the radio show. Aside from that, she also blackmailed Soo-ho using photos of him kissing Geu-rim. She told Soo-ho that other people might also have copies of the pictures, as if subtly telling him to do what she says in order to protect Geu-rim. Woah, CEO Nam didn’t show any mercy on Soo-ho even if the latter pleaded with her and called her “mother.” So, our poor Soo-ho had no other choice but to do the drama that CEO Nam wants him to do, leaving Radio Romance hanging in the balance.

Of course, PD Lee Kang got angry over Soo-ho’s move because he trusted the latter’s words that he will continue doing the radio show. Geu-rim also felt bad and confused about everything because who wouldn’t? But Soo-ho assured her that he would do both the drama and Radio Romance, and that all she needs to do is to trust him. I wonder how Soo-ho would keep his promise when his new drama demands a lot of his time for it will be shot abroad. I’m afraid this will only be the start to more problems in our main OTP’s relationship. Omo. 😭😭😭


I really hate CEO Nam, but thinking of her marital life, she’s just another pitiful character in this drama. She heads an entertainment empire, but her husband cheats on her and doesn’t even bother to keep it a secret from her. But I hate her still!

I wonder if Jin Tae-ri (Yura) will be the one to cause CEO Nam’s downfall especially that the former is so determined to use her and Soo-ho to remain popular. After CEO Nam didn’t cast her as leading lady in Soo-ho’s new drama, she begged Manager Kim Jun-woo (Ha Joon) to give her the recording of Soo-ho saying CEO Nam isn’t his birth mom. I could feel how frustrated Manager Kim was during that moment knowing that he cares for Soo-hoo and likes Tae-ri at the same time. You know, I find him and Tae-ri another strong OTP in the making. What do you think?

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