SBS courts Hwang Jung-eum for new romcom

It looks like SBS is cooking something good! Sources from the network recently confirmed that they are courting Hwang Jung-eum (Lucky Romance, She Was Pretty) to star in upcoming drama Hoon Nam Jung Eum (literal title).  The actress’ agency, C-Jes Entertainment, also affirmed that she received a casting offer.

What’s more interesting is that if Hwang Jung-eum accepts the project, she will play a character who has the same name. Jung-eum is described as someone who dreams of love and marriage. Actor Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) is considering to play the male lead, Hoon Nam.

It will be an interesting pairing if these two accept the offer. I’m excited to see how they will match each other’s own quirky charisma.

Hoon Nam Jung Eum is penned by writer Lee Jae-yoon, and is slated to air sometime in May replacing Return and Switch: Change the World.

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